Which is the Best and Worst Yoga of Rahu


Rahu is renowned for bringing hardship and suffering. Rahu now produces various outcomes for various houses when it is either placed in favourable or unfavourable circumstances. 

Rahu is a planet that exhibits negativity, dishonesty, falsehoods, and other forms of deceit, yet when it is in good form, it produces the most favourable outcomes. 

To acquire the appropriate results, let’s understand whether Rahu is beneficial and when Rahu is negative. When Rahu is paired with Venus, terrible yoga is produced. Rahu makes for effective yoga when it is in or near the sign of Mercury. Chat with an astrologer online for remedies.

Rahu in the first house

Rahu can provide the native reputation, a good position, plus recognition within society when it occupies the first house with favourable results. Rahu helps the mind mature. Rahu impacts both the body and psyche when unfavourable. Astro chat will help you through it.

Rahu in the second house

Rahu can function with positive thoughts when it occupies a favourable position in the second house. Depending on his talents and abilities, the person is promoted. Rahu could provide the natives with a stale mentality that destroys his own home and family life when it is positioned poorly in this area.

Rahu in the third house

The native provides assistance and services to his family, the community, and society if Rahu is powerful and auspicious within the third house. The native gives of himself to others without reservation. Rahu ruins the native’s karma and develops harmful behaviours, which damage their bodies as well when it is bad.

Rahu in the fourth house

Rahu will rule over other family members at his home when it is well-positioned there in the fourth house. Rahu damages the native’s possessions and home when unfavourable. 

Rahu in the fifth house

Rahu may succeed in both legal as well as non-legal sectors of work when it is well-placed in the 5th house for the native. Rahu’s harmful effects will taint the native’s knowledge. Astrology live chat will provide remedies.

Rahu in the sixth house

Rahu’s placement in the 6th house is a good sign. Rahu offers tremendous success in this role. Rahu will be successful for the native in a variety of occupations when favourable.

The native may become wealthy in another nation. Rahu’s quality will hurt the native’s career. Throughout every step of his life, the native must deal with challenges and conflicts.

Rahu in the seventh house

Rahu bestows knowledge and intelligence on the native when it’s positioned well in the 7th house. The native does good things as well as works for others. Rahu may ruin the native’s career at this location if it is poorly placed, and there is unhappiness in the home.

Rahu in the eighth house

Rahu can assist the native in several ways if it is positioned well in the ninth house. The person might profit through gambling, lottery tickets, and shares. Rahu, however, can turn a local against their relatives if it is unfavourable. The individual could experience contempt and embarrassment.

Rahu in the ninth house

Rahu creates a large family when it is positioned well in the 9th house. The parent and home bring joy to the native as well. However, if Rahu is unfavourable in this location, it could exacerbate illnesses and make the locals more susceptible to ailments that impact their ability to breathe. There could be arguments between brothers and among family members.

Rahu in the tenth house

Rahu may have significant advantages in business and any other endeavours or lines of employment when in the 10th house. Rahu can make a local fearful, making it difficult for them to muster the fortitude to carry out even mundane tasks.

Rahu in the eleventh house

When Rahu is correctly positioned in the 11th house of the birth chart, there is a lot of potential to get financial advantages. The native is successful in everything he attempts. Rahu behaves in ways that are completely out of character for him when he is in an unfavourable position.

Rahu in the twelfth house

If Rahu is positioned well in the 12th house, it causes no trouble. This will continue to be tranquil and might take the locals overseas. Rahu’s placement in this area could cause the natives many problems. It can result in legal proceedings and keep the native engaged in conflicts.

Conclusion Rahu can produce both good and terrible effects on the birth chart; all that is required is the knowledge of when it will do so. Chat with an astrologer for remedies. Rahu’s creation of good and negative yogas both contribute significantly to the success of the natives and can cause a variety of challenges for them.

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