Journey to Kedarkantha trek


Overview –

Highlights of the Kedarkantha Trek in Uttarakhand

Kedarkantha may be a walk flush with beauty, offering photographers the prospect to capture the snow

falling from the pine trees that appear to be magic dust.

The “rule the world” position at the highest of Kedarkantha Summit will make a fantastic profile picture,

and with the breathtaking scenery because of the backdrop, it’ll also make your friends envious!

Discover the charming campsites, each of which is distinctive in its own way and unmatched in beauty by

any of the opposite campsites along the route.

Camp beside the ice Juda ka Talab, which was originally Lord Shiva’s abode of meditation.

Imagine being outside in the dark , with headlamps illuminating your path

The gradient remains constant the whole distance. It also gets tougher as you near the summit. But until

you reach the summit, the big mountains of the upper Himalayas keep you company.

You feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment as you push yourself and enjoy the Himalayan views as

you reach the summit. there’s nothing like this sensation.

Love trekking then you can also do a sar pass circuit trek as it is a very amazing experience.

Because so few hikes provide identical excitement, it’s well-liked by beginners for its best summit


The hike is distinctive not just for the top but also for its lovely clearings. Rarely on a walk will you see spectacular clearings that subside to some rest areas and lovely campsites. 

On every route during this

walk, there are clearings.

The Kedarkantha Trek:-

It would be appropriate to refer to Kedarkantha as the Queen of Winter Treks because it is such a well-

liked winter hikes. it’s well-liked by trekkers because to the knee-deep snow in the winter, the captivating

view from the highest, and therefore the lovely and simple routes. Govind National Park’s dense pine

trees are traversed by the ‘easy on endurance’ track. it’s worthwhile to ascend to a height of 12,500 feet

for the views.

The Kedarkantha trip will provide you with an unparalleled view of the cosmos, also a beautiful

meadows, snowy trails, picturesque villages, fragrant pine forests, sky-scraping peaks, serene rivers, and

a few fabled story whispers.

Quick Information on Kedarkantha Trekking:-

Sankri hamlet is the trek’s starting and finishing point.

6 days and 5 nights

20 km Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek Height: 12,500 feet

Kedarkantha Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Temperatures for the Kedarkantha Trek range from -5 to three degrees Celsius at night and between 8

and 15 degrees Celsius during the day.

November through April are the simplest months to go on a Kedarkantha trek.

The closest railway station is at Dehradun.

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

Kedarkantha Trek Package Included:

Guesthouse, homestay, or camping accommodations

Food consumed during trekking (Veg.)

Trekking gear, like a cosy sleeping bag, a firm mattress, a separate kitchen and dining tent, crampons,

and utensils

All required entrance fees and permits

An oxygen cylinder, first-aid supplies, and a stretcher

Qualified professional trek leaders, guides, and support workers.

Employee insurance.

Kedarkantha Trek Itinerary

Day 1 Dehradun to Sankri | Route to The Paradise of Himalayas Dehradun Drive Distance: 187

kilometres | Duration: 6-7 hours | Elevation: 1950m

Arrive in Dehradun and start your journey to Sankri Village. follow the Yamuna and Tons rivers while

being surrounded by pine forests to experience nature’s best beauty.

After the pleasant journey, arrive in Sankri and settle into the cosy campsite.

Enjoy an exquisite dinner at the campsite.

A night at Sankri

Day 2 Sankri to Juda Ka Talab | Where Lord Shiva once came to meditate Sankri Trek Distance: 4

kilometres | Duration: 3 to 4 hours | Elevation: 2786m

You’ll leave Saur Village for the hike after breakfast and start ascending.

We will pass via a number of high-altitude suspension bridges and little towns along the way.

Reach the Juda Ka Talab lake, where Lord Shiva had opened a touch lock of hair and water had dripped

from it to create this enormous lake.

Step outside your camps to work out the starry sky beneath the frozen lake.

Juda Ka Talab hotel overnight stay

Conclusion –

Kedarkantha, a 6-day trip in Uttarakhand’s Govind Pashu Vihar park, is distinct from the famed Temple

Kedarnath (6 when including the travel days from Dehradun to the bottom camp and back). one of

the most well-known treks in India, Kedarkantha is popular in the winter with both experienced and

novice hikers.

There are numerous explanations why trekking within the Indian Himalayas is so well-liked. The

summit ascent is the most crucial of them all.

The ascent to Kedarkantha’s top is immensely satisfying. The summit of the hike is clearly visible from

the base camp. Early in the morning, you start your hike and gradually ascent

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