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Jammu and Kashmir is the 6th largest state of northernmost India. Kashmir is bestowed with the beauty of nature. The pristine lakes, green meadows, snow-capped mountains, sparkling rivers, the flora and fauna, and most importantly the pleasant weather, all make Kashmir the paradise of India and the best holiday destination to enjoy with your family and friends. Kashmir also encapsulates religious and cultural diversity which allows you to explore the religious and cultural beauty of Kashmir.

When you plan to visit Kashmir to spend your holidays, many Kashmir Tour packages are available. Kashmir tour packages are available in many ranges from pocket friendly to the most luxurious one. Based on the Kashmir tour package you choose you can spend 6 to 8 days of holiday in Kashmir. The Kashmir tour packages make all the facilities available and hence you can enjoy them freely.

About Jammu and Kashmir

Best time to visit Jammu and Kashmir

The most difficult temperature conditions in Jammu and Kashmir are in Ladakh. People are allowed with passes only in the late month of June and late October. Only during these months, the temperature is warm and pleasant. Ladakh is a high-altitude desert that trekkers visit for enjoying adventurous treks. From the beginning of November, the temperature drops to about -40 degrees between December and February. During this time the only way in and out of Zanskar is along the frozen surface of the river. Most of the hotels and restaurants are closed from October to April and some gardens and restaurants open only in the peak summer.

Kashmir has the best atmosphere during late march and mid-May and from September to early November. Kashmir has less harsh climatic conditions than Ladakh. Jammu can be visited at any time throughout the year. Though the temperature is extremely hot and humid from April to August and very cold and foggy during the middle of winter.

Many Kashmir tour packages offer a 6 to 7 days trip to Kashmir and the nearby famous tourist attraction place. These packages range from pocket friendly to luxury ones. From all the available Kashmir tour packages choose the ones that fit your pocket.

Places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, the largest city has a collection of admirable temples. However, the tourists prefer visiting Srignar, Kashmir valley’s Lynchpin, the meadows of Gulmarg, and Pahalgam. Ladakh is only accessible for a few months due to its harsh cold weather.

You can fly to the capital of Ladakh which is the city of Leh. Leh is a beautiful and enchanting place surrounded by numerous small villages that are dominated by monasteries.

Srinagar is the main attraction in Kashmir. The green hills, lush green meadows, and beautiful valleys attract tourist’s attraction.


Jammu is the city of temples. There are many beautiful and enchanting temples in Jammu for you to visit. The temple of Ragunath is a sight worth seeing and is the main place of worship in the town. There is a beautiful bahu fort in Jammu. Bahu fort is crowned by a hill that overlooks the pretty Tawi river and the mesmerizing Bagh-e-Bahu gardens. Amar Mahal is also a place worth visiting in Jammu. 


Kashmir is a paradise on earth that is bestowed with enormous natural beauty, diverse cultures, and religions with exotic cuisine for one to enjoy. it has a pleasant atmosphere with beautiful valleys to explore. Gulmarg and Pahalgam are the best places to enjoy meadows and adventurous treks. You can also enjoy the snow activities in Gulmarg.

You can also see a trip to mcleodganj and triund from Delhi.

The climatic condition of Kashmir is not as harsh as in Ladakh. During the winter trip between November and March, you can enjoy the pleasantly cool weather of Kashmir. Wear warm clothes and you are free to enjoy the weather. During summer the temperature of Kashmir valley and Srinagar can rise to 35 degrees. People prefer to visit Kashmir in the late spring and early autumn for going on a trekking trip. The Kashmir tour packages allow you to explore and enjoy the places in Kashmir.


On the 1st day of your Kashmir tour package, you arrive at Srinagar and then settle down in your booked hotel. Instead of booking a hotel, you can go for a houseboat stay. Staying in a boat house is once in a lifetime experience. You can enjoy the Floating Bazaars which sell exquisite beautiful flowers early in the morning. Lake views sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful sights on the Kashmir tour. The snow-clad mountains and the sparkling lake make the most beautiful canvas viewing the sunset.

Staying in a houseboat

Staying in a boat house is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Srinagar offers many boathouses carved with old woods from the British times with beautiful and intricate interiors with spacious luxury rooms. These boathouses have 1 to 4 rooms.


Pahalgam is the best place for trekkers. It is located around 100km from east Srinagar in the deep-cut Lidder valley. Pahalgam is located at an altitude of 2139m. There are many beautiful flower beds for you to admire the flowers. You can visit the Jama Masjid and the Mamal temple. Enjoy the pony rides and explorer the surrounding beauty of Pahalgam.


Gulmarg is filled with natural beauty and has the highest golf course in the world. You can enjoy sightseeing in Gulmarg.  You can enjoy skiing in the snow or go riding on sledgehammers and enjoy the snow scooters. From mid-December to mid-March gondola rides are used for reaching the top of the Gulmarg’s skiing slopes. 


In your Kashmir tour package, the third main location is Sonamarg. Sonamarg is located around 84km northeast of Srinagar. Situated beside the Sindh river and surrounded by pine forests, sycamore, beech, and fir. The majestic peaks of the snow-clad mountains surround Gulmarg which gives picture-perfect views. Sonamarg is the best place to admire the stretches of flower beds. Thanjiwas hike is another site worth visiting which is about 4km from Sonamarg. Sonamarg is the base town for the Amarnath trek.

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