The importance of contacting a Qualified SEO Agency

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The decision to use an SEO agency is an important commitment: it can potentially improve your site and allow you to increase turnover and save time, but it can also risk damaging its visibility and your reputation ( source Google Support WebMaster ).

It is for these reasons (and for the same suggestions provided by Google) that it is important to go to an SEO agency with certified and guaranteed experience. Rely on a partner with a good reputation who is able to provide concrete examples of SEO placements at the top of Google.

We do not promise dreams; we do not promise results that are impossible to achieve; we know exactly what can and cannot be achieved. We operate with maximum transparency towards our customers and in line with the policies provided by Google and other search engines such as, for example, Bing.

Our team is considered one of the leading SEO agencies in the provision of Professional Web Marketing  and  SEO Positioning Services .

We have been active since 1998. We constantly invest in research and development, managing to obtain important international Certifications and Memberships. These results are further proof of the quality of our work and our expertise. Access the page of our corporate certifications , Google, Facebook, Microsoft to have a concrete testimony of our commitment to training and professional growth.

Webproseo, the best SEO agency

Being defined as the  best SEO agency  in Italy is certainly an honor, but do we really deserve this consideration?

Our SEO agency is a set of professionals capable of supporting you in the growth of your online presence. All this guarantees maximum optimization of work times and invested resources: the less money spent on your part, the better results obtained!

However, let’s take a short step back. If you already know what an SEO agency is and want to know our way of working and our strengths, skip the next paragraph and continue reading. Or, don’t hesitate to contact us and choose to have a constructive chat with our specialists to analyze the potential of your site.

If, on the other hand, you’ve only heard of this matter, or you know someone who has turned to an SEO agency and, before investing, you want to understand it more, we thought we’d give you a brief, simple and clear smattering on what it is. really our job.

SEO agency: what exactly is it?

We are aware that we are dealing with a sector that is unknown to most. If concepts such as digital marketing and web marketing have already entered the common language for a long time, not to mention terms such as social media manager, followers and influencers, positioning on Google and SEO remain confined to the experts. Yet all of us, every day, take our smartphone and do a Google search. And we even get angry if the results aren’t quick and accurate.

We understand that choosing the right SEO agency is not easy. Most people don’t know what lies behind  ranking on Google  and how fierce the competition is to conquer the top positions on the search engine. This information is not easy to understand and specific training is required to gain insight into the matter.

Those who are not insiders also find it difficult to read what is inside an  SEO quote . Collaboration proposals inevitably contain terms and technical information that explain the nature of the service offered, but which require in-depth and detailed explanations. On the other hand, it’s not even a topic of general interest: you, the customer, are asking us to improve the positioning of your site on Google. How to do it is up to us.

How to choose the right SEO agency?

If you are in the delicate moment of  choosing an SEO agency , you will therefore have to evaluate aspects that go beyond the technical part of the job. Among these, the most important are:

  • Results : it seems trivial, but a truly professional SEO agency will be able to show you real, stable and positive results. We at Webproseo have been collaborating for years with many professionals and entrepreneurs located throughout Italy (and beyond), with whom we have studied Web Marketing strategies that have revolutionized their businesses.
  • Humanity : humanity when working on the internet? Of course, because there are people behind our work. It is true that SEO is used to climb positions on Google, but those who will then read the contents of your site are your customers. It is useless to create pages that are perfectly optimized for Google’s algorithms if the reader does not find what he is looking for and runs away to another site. Let us always remember the human side. This is one of the points on which, as  an SEO agency , we focus the most.
  • Trust : Follow your instincts. As we have just told you, an SEO agency must think not only from a search engine perspective, but from a User Experience, i.e. the experience that the end user will have on your site (Google focuses heavily on online user satisfaction). This is true for our work, as it is for our relationship with our customers. If you contact a consultant and this seems cold, unfriendly, disinclined to communication, think again. If they can’t engage you, will they be able to engage and retain your customers?

Not only positioning, but also business results and traffic

SEO  concerns  positioning on search engines, first of all Google, but not only.

In addition to the activities focused on improving the  site’s positioning on Google , our commitment must be aimed at increasing real traffic and, consequently, increasing the number of customers who contact you and rely on your services or buy your products. In fact, as we introduced you above, having a well-positioned site that fails to attract and retain visitors is just a waste of energy and money.

Thanks to the work tools in our possession, we will analyze in depth the positioning obtained by the keywords of your interest. We will be able to measure the traffic of users arriving on your site, their permanence on the various pages and their behavior (how many pages they visit, for how long, on which topics they linger the most). Thanks to these accurate analyses, we will be able to maintain an always updated strategy of personalized interventions for your needs.

This is the work of a  professional and certified SEO agency  , a guarantee of success and concrete results. What we start from to develop our work are, therefore, your goals, and not just the positioning on search engines .

How can you rate our work?

Without going into technical analysis on what an SEO agency really does, you can understand if the professionals you are addressing will really be able to meet your expectations by analyzing your objectives together with them.

We at Exedere don’t think only in terms of positioning on search engines, but of concrete results that we will strive to help you achieve. Positioning on Google is a tool, it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal we aspire to.

Our job isn’t to please Google, it’s to connect you with an ever-increasing number of interested and loyal customers who buy your products or services. We will, of course, provide you with any explanation on the technical part with clarity and transparency. But our work also leads us to be, in part, economists. The phases following the structuring of our common work path will be programmed steps of analysis , monitoring and implementation of strategies. The evaluation yardstick, in this case, is not only how you will be positioned on Google, but the economic return on the investment you have undertaken, or the ROI .

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