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Correct score bets are the ones that best combine skill, risk and a pinch of luck. Do you already know what it is? In this guide of ours we are going to show you all the main aspects related to this game . From the meaning, to the variables, passing through the best bookies and obviously also some strategic tips.

Correct result: meaning

In Correct Score bets, you have to predict the final score of the match, identifying the exact number of goals scored by both teams in 90 minutes, plus possible added time.

Be careful not to confuse Correct Score bets with 1X2 Correct Score bets . In the latter case, you just have to predict how the match will end: victory for one of the 2 clubs or a draw. In the Correct Score you will have to identify the final score of the match , such as 2-1, 0-0, 3-2…. Usually, you’ll also find the “Other” option indicating any exact results that you didn’t find listed individually.

In the most popular betting sites, there is the standard type with 26 outcomes, which includes all possible combinations of results up to 4-4, and the 50 outcomes type which includes all possible results up to a maximum of 9 goals per team . As you can guess, it is one of the most difficult plays to predict and for this reason it has high odds.

All variants

Being the most followed sport, there are many correct score variations in the types of football bets . Below we present the most popular ones both in single and in combo mode , which the top bookmakers offer.

Played Correct Score 1T

The meaning of 1T Exact Score can be easily guessed from the name: you will have to predict the result of a specific match at the end of the first half of the game, plus any added time. Since the bet only concerns the first 45′, all possible results up to 2-2 are usually offered. The same type of play also exists for the 2nd half.

Let’s take a concrete example. For the Serie A match Bologna-Juventus you decide to aim for the exact result 1T 0-1. This means that your bet will be successful only if the black and whites finish the first part of the game with a lead of 1 goal . With any other result you will have lost.

Partial/Final Correct Score Bet

If you want to increase the difficulty of the game even more, the Partial/Final Correct Score bets are right for you. In this case, you will have to identify the exact result of the 1st half and the final one at the end of 90′ (plus any recovery). The proposed outcomes are different and reach up to the possible goal number 4. Usually, you will find a 4+ to indicate all the predictions that foresee 4 or more goals at the end of the second half.

Resuming the Serie A match Bologna-Juventus, you decide to play partial/final correct score 0-0/0-2. Your ticket will be successful only if the first half ends goalless for both teams and if at the end of the match, Juventus will have been able to score 2 goals. Remember that more complex predictions lead to higher odds .

Marker Market + Correct Score

In this combo, in addition to the exact result of the match, you will have to indicate the player among those proposed by the bookmaker, who in your opinion will score at least 1 goal during the 90′ . For the purposes of the bet, only regular time counts, including injury time, but not possible overtime or final penalty shoot-outs. If the marker you have chosen does not take the field, your bet will be refunded.

Also for this third variant, let’s take the Bologna-Juventus match. Your combo is Correct score 0-2 with Dybala as marker. Here the bet will be successful only if the match ends in victory for the black and whites by 2 goals to 0 and if at least 1 of the two goals has been scored by the Argentinian player. This is definitely a combo suitable for more experienced bettors .

Further variants

We have explained to you what Exact Score means and 3 of the main variants proposed by the major bookmakers. However, the fun does not end there, because the markets for this type of game are really many. To reduce the degree of difficulty, you can for example opt for the multiple exact result. In this special bet, you will be given groups of possible results and you will have to choose the one that contains the final result of that race.

The combos available are also different. Another example is Booked + Correct Score . Just like for the goalscorer, you will have to predict both the exact result and whether or not that particular player will get a yellow card during the minutes in which he plays. In short, although it is a complex bet, you will have several single and combo options to select.

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