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5 Points to Differentiate Between Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes


Corrugated Boxes are quite popular among many kinds of businesses all over the globe. You can judge what kind of materials Business use to make them by looking at their name. These materials are flexible yet quite sturdy.

That means they can protect the goods quite impressively. Various kinds of customizations are easy to use on them. It is possible to make them in different ways like their color scheme is easily alterable.

It is also beneficial to make them quite alluring by using fascinating graphics. Using different kinds of printing techniques to make them more appealing is possible.

Businesses can use images to print on them. They can come in triple layers or more as businesses require. Some brands like to get various kinds of inserts inside them. A holder or separator is among the best thing that businesses can place inside to enhance their protection abilities.

Many kinds of corrugated boxes have been here for a very long time. It is a long debate about which packaging type is more beneficial. These or the cardboard packages.

Both of them are amazing in different areas. But it is not an easy task to make a judgment overall. So, let us just focus on some differences they have. We will show you 5 points in this matter that will help in understanding this. 

Structural Difference 

Talking about structural differences in the sheet, both of these materials differ a lot. But in terms of the complete box, the difference is not much.  

Cardboard boxes Businesses use different kinds of cellulose that come from various sources. Plant-based sources are among the most popular ones. But it is also possible to use recycled materials for making this sheet.

The main difference is that it has a single sheet that is thick and dense. That means it has a single layer that is quite impressive in many ways. Not just this, it is quite sturdy as well. 

  • Corrugated 

Here is the thing that many businesses do not know about the custom corrugated boxes. The sheet they are manufactured with has three layers or more. All of these layers are thin.

The middle layer comes in a zigzag shape, and the upper layers cover the middle one. Due to this thing, its structure is quite impressive in many ways. Structure-wise, these sheets are more impressive than the previous one. 

General Uses

Packages made of both of these materials have plenty of uses. Some use overlap, while there are some specific uses of each type of the materials that we will show you. 

  • Cardboard

Packages manufactured with this material have plenty of uses. Many businesses package their IT gadgets inside them. They are the need of many mobile phone businesses. Cosmetic brands prefer them to package their items.

Many food businesses use them as well. You will find many brands that need premium packaging do prefer this stock for their packages. Many reasons are behind their need for the packaging of different kinds of products from many industries. 

  • Corrugated 

The boxes that come with this material have various uses in many industries. Due to their impressive protection abilities, many brands prefer them for packaging their products for shipping. Businesses like to use this material for mailer packages as well.

Pizza boxes are also manufactured using this material most of the time. In the case large packages are required, this material is preferred. That shows how impressive these materials are for many kinds of companies. 

Durability and Protection

It is a major difference between these two materials. Both of them are durable and provide great safety. But there is a big difference between them that we will make clearer to you. 

  • Cardboard

It is important thing that these packages have great strength. They are very protective due to their amazing rigidness. They are denser than the other ones.

You can easily use them for sensitive products by introducing a holder inside. But due to their single layer, if anything happens to it, then harmful elements can penetrate inside. This thing is the only drawback of these packages. 

  • Corrugated 

These packages are manufactured with a sheet that has three or more layers. This thing gives them more durability than cardboard. They are not easy to wear and tear.

But if anything happens, there is still the protection of the fluted sheet as well as an additional sheet behind that one. That means these packages are safer than the aforementioned ones. So, you can understand which one wins here. 


Customizations are vital as many businesses like to attract their customers by using these packages. Both of them are customizable so let us see which is easier to customize.

  • Cardboard

We know that this one comes in a single layer of the sheet that is thick. The thickness of this sheet allows businesses to use various kinds of printing techniques on it. Results are better on this one.

Customizing its shape is possible in many ways. These packages can come in a wide variety of styles. This thing shows that the cardboard packaging wins this contest. 

  • Corrugated 

On the other hand, corrugated packaging is not easy to customize in different shapes. It is due to the fluted layer inside that may not allow the package in specific shapes to look as fascinating as cardboard one. That is why it is not very suitable for customizations.  

Weight and Flexibility

Both of these materials differ in this matter. Their weight proportions and flexibility vary a lot. Allow us to show you this thing here. 

  • Cardboard

This material is not much flexible due to a single sheet. It is sturdy and thick which reduces the flexibility of this material. It is high in weight per inch. Moreover, increasing their thickness can increase their weight drastically. That is why they are more rigid and less flexible. 

  • Corrugated

If you are looking for flexibility, then this material is the most suitable for you. But if sturdiness is what you are looking for, then you have to see the upper-mentioned one. The weight of these packages is less than the cardboard packaging of the same size—all due to the thin layers of Kraft paper that are used to manufacture this one.

Many businesses use various kinds of corrugated boxes for their products. But cardboard packages are also pretty popular. This thing confuses many brands in the selection of packaging for their products.

We have shown some important differences that can help in understanding which one you should choose according to your requirements.

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