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Best New Year Gifts For Siblings


2023 is gradually coming closer, bidding a tearful farewell to 2022. With the onset of the upcoming year, all of us are gearing up to celebrate it in a monumental way by getting the new year cake, decorating our homes, calling everyone for a party, and doing the counting to ring in the new year. 

We also exchange new year gifts with our friends, family, and siblings. If you are confused about what to give your sibling this new year? we’ve got you covered. In this article, we listed new year’s gift ideas for every type of sibling in a family. Read On 

For The Cricket Crazy Sibling

We all have that one person in our family who is updated on all the statistics related to cricket. They are simply obsessed with the game and know about all the players, coaches, and sure enough, the best players are on all the teams. The ones who wear the blue jersey and believe in all sorts of superstitions. A few of them even love to play cricket. For a sibling who is crazy about cricket? What can be a better New Year’s gift other than a branded bat or a cricket kit! 

The Artist Sibling 

For that sibling who finds art in anything and everything they set their eyes on. Surprising them with a canvas or a set of paint brushes would be a great new year’s gift idea. You can also give them an annual supply of paint brushes, colors, sheets, oil paints, canvas, etc. They will be overjoyed. Every family has someone who is great at drawing, painting, and coloring, and overall they wear the hat of an artist very beautifully. 

The Bookworm Sibling

For the sibling who loves to be around fictional and imaginary characters more than real people? A set of books written by their author would be an ideal new year’s gift for them. For a bookworm! Nothing can beat the feeling of getting something they love to feed on. You can gift them a set of books or a yearly subscription for books too. Getting something you love, that cuts you away from the hustle and bustle of life, transports you to some other world is sheer bliss. Surprise your booklover sibling this new year. 

For The Gamer Sibling 

There is a different species, who love to put on their headphones, bring forward their gaming laptop, and then they are in their own world of video games. We bet you have a sibling who is totally obsessed with games. For a person like this, try gifting them a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set or a good pair of headphones. You can also opt for games that can be easily downloaded. You have no idea how happy our sibling could be on receiving a new year gift like this. 

For The Sensible Sibling

There is always that person in every family who thinks it is their responsibility to save the world. To do that bit, and the world will start breathing properly again. Well, for a sibling who is so conscious about using wooden straws, biodegradable products, and eco-friendly products. Getting a copper bottle or a jute tote bag would be a great new year gift option. There is a list of eco-friendly gift options like new year plants available both online and offline. You can opt for multiple things, pool them together in a basket or bag, and nicely decorate it. You can also add some motivating or excellent quotes said by a reputed environmentalist. 

For The Fitness Freak Sibling

For some people, their morning, day, evening, and night revolve around their gym instructors and protein shakes. Gifting options for people who are absolute gym freaks are multiple. You can opt for a dumbbell set, a yoga mat, or a pair of gym shoes. Apart from these options, you can also opt for a spacious duffel bag- where your fitness freak sibling can keep all his gym related equipment neatly. You can also visit decathlon and get all gym related stuff at one place. You can surprise your gym freak sibling by surprising them with a 6- month gym subscription too. 

For The Laziest Sibling 

To the sloth bear of the family- the laziest one, for whom everything seems like an uphill task- get a bean bag as a new year gift for that one lazy sibling. They are the easiest to please as they are happy with anything. You can even get a hammock for your indolent sibling, where they can easily laze around and spend their afternoons under the blue sky soaking themselves in vitamin D. Read more gift ideas here.

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