Register Your Dubai Store on OOKAAZ.COM and Sell Products

Register Your Dubai Store on OOKAAZ.COM and Sell Products

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OOKAAZ.COM is an app and online shopping store in Dubai. It is an app built for businesses based in the United Arab Emirates. So if you are an entrepreneur in the UAE, then take advantage and register yourself with OONKAAZ.Com to maximize your profits. But before you do that, let us understand what OOKAAZ is all about.

What Is Ookaaz?

OOKAAZ is an online shopping app that encourages local businesses. It is an online grocery store that houses a good variety of products. You can buy online electronics in Dubai, or you can buy online beauty products in Dubai. It has a wide range of products with a wide variety for each. Customers can browse the range with a product finder by name, category, group, or merchant. OOKAAZ has tried to cater to most of its customers’ needs for online shopping in Dubai.

How To Register Your Store on Ookaaz.Com?

Registering your store on OOKAAZ is simple enough. You must register yourself first with your name, email, and phone number. Next comes the details of your business with your TRN, License number, TRN, and other details. Once verified, you are set to go.

Register Your Dubai Store on OOKAAZ.COM and Sell Products

How to Sale Products on Ookaaz.Com?

Selling products on OOKAAZ is the same as selling on any other site. Upload enticing images to go with product details. Offer discounts and deal to attract more customers. Put a low minimum order limit so it is easier for customers to order. The same is with the delivery charges. Set the limit at a minimum, so people are more attracted. Form clever marketing strategies, and above all, be sure to promote OOKAAZ.Com as the more the website gains popularity, the more the chance of your increased sales.

Why Should You Register Your Store on Ookaaz.Com?

There are various reasons you should choose OOKAAZ to boost your online sales, but I believe the top reason is that it encourages local businesses. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider registering your Dubai store on OOKAAZ:

  • Their delivery system is well-organized and fast.
  • Their payment process is also well-organized and secure.
  • The entire system is well-organized but flexible enough to meet your needs
  • As part of campaigning, OOKAAZ runs a lot of discounts and promotions. This helps increase the individual sale of merchants.


OOKAAZ is built for online shopping in Dubai, as it caters to a wide range of products. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables and a large variety of other grocery items; it is a leading online grocery store in Dubai. If you need to buy online electronics in Dubai, you can trust OOKAAZ. It has a wide variety that varies from low to high-priced items. Consider it one of the best online electric store in Dubai. Or maybe you want to buy online beauty products in Dubai; OOKAAZ is just a click away. You can easily buy online cosmetics in Dubai through OOKAAZ. Whatever your needs, OOKAAZ is sure to have a solution for your online shopping in Dubai!

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