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Tips to Score Full Marks in Class 9th Maths Exam


Class 9th is a crucial stage in the life of every student. It is the foundation that prepares the student for major examinations like classes 10th and 12th. The syllabus is also helpful in several olympiads and tests.

Let’s admit that many students face problems in maths due to multiple reasons. Interestingly, maths is the only subject where you have the highest chance of scoring full marks. Apart from this, it is helpful in other subjects too like physics and chemistry.

So, today we will discuss important points that will help you understand the methods to score well in Mathematics. Also, we will share tips to score full marks in the class 9th maths exam. So let’s get started-

Tips For Scoring Goods Marks In Class 9th Maths Exam

Books Required For Preparation

If you belong to the CBSE board, you should refer to the NCERT-issued books. Once you have finished the NCERT mathematics book, you are done with the entire syllabus, as the problems given in that book are enough to prepare you for any close examination.

Apart from the NCERT-issued latest syllabus book, you can refer to NCERT exemplar class 9th, an additional book issued by NCERT for students. It is full of logic-based questions, which will help you to shape your mind efficiently. In addition, you can also refer to the ncert exemplar class 9, maths solutions chapter 1, and others to check the answers to the maths exemplar questions.

Add Mathematics To Your Everyday Study Timetable

Every student is advised to designate their time towards their subject throughout the day. While other subjects can be covered on alternate days, the students should cover mathematics daily. Moreover, students should practice different mathematics topics daily to have a stronghold in the subject, which will help them score well in the 9th examinations.

While revising subjects, they can refer to the Mathematics NCERT exemplar, designed to clear every concept of the syllabus. So, for example, you can start with NCERT Exampler chapter 1, number systems, and refer to its ncert exemplar class 9, maths solutions chapter 1 in its solution book.

Increase Your Logical Thinking

The easiest way to increase your logical thinking and score well in mathematics is by revising the complex questions of each topic. Lack of practice hampers your preparation and restricts your logical development.

If you encounter any issue while solving problems, you can refer to their solution from their respective solution book. For example, let’s say you have been solving questions from the mathematics NCERT exemplar and find a specific question difficult from chapter 1; you can refer to the ncert exemplar class 9 maths solutions chapter 1. The reference will also help you understand the procedure and concept that you can apply the next time you face the same problem.

Choose A Calm Environment

The best way is to have a study room; else, you can choose a calm and distraction-less room to avoid any disturbance. At the same time, you should avoid things like PC, smartphones, and television. It will help you concentrate better on your study and focus your whole energy on them.

Begin Early

It is always beneficial to be prepared early. If you have finished your syllabus way before the examination, the extra revision time will make you outshine others. So begin your preparation as soon as your sessions are started.

Attempt to cover all the syllabus and topics before the actual examination, which will offer you adequate time to revise all the topics and practice additional questions. While this period, you can solve questions from the mathematics NCERT exemplar and refer to ncert exemplar class 9 maths solutions chapter 1 for the solutions to the questions from chapter 1. If you want to buy other subjects NCRT examplers visit the GetMyBooks. They are a trusted bookseller in India.


There is no alternative to smart work and practice for your exam preparations. Put your whole heart into it, and nothing can stop you from achieving your target. In addition to this, you can refer to the tips mentioned above for preparing systematically for your mathematics examination, which will help you score high/full marks.

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