9 Factors to Consider When Buying Electric Scooter


Battery holder;

If you want to explore nature more and feel the charm of nature, the distance cannot be too short. Imagine the battery dying halfway through! What a tragedy!

To avoid this situation, you should choose a large battery according to your preferences. In general, a motocross battery can have a capacity of 720 Wh (48 V x 15 Ah). When fully charged, it reaches a top speed of 55 km/h in Eco mode. It might just be enough for the essentials, but not for this short trip. The longest range you’ll typically see was tested in Eco mode under optimal conditions of 25 degrees Celsius and on a flat, windless road. But in the real world, the range is only 80% of the ideal situation. In short, you should not think about a scooter with a battery less than 720 Wh.

Engine Power Ratio Angle;

One of the most important factors for off-road Electric Scooters is their ability to climb inclines greater than 20 degrees. An efficient engine is the key factor. What engine power can meet this requirement? Specifically, the 2 x 800 watt electric motor can easily climb 20 degree slopes (weather, terrain and total weight should also be considered). So don’t believe scooters, especially single motor models, that claim to be able to climb hills with motors under 800 watts!


The scooter brakes on the market today are mostly disc brakes and drum brakes. Simply put, drum brakes have more braking power and require less maintenance due to their design. Disc brakes have better overall performance and stability. It is widely used and has better heat resistance, and is easy to repair and replace. In fact, disc brakes are now standard equipment on off-road electric scooters. Especially if the off-road scooter is equipped with an ABS system that can compensate for wheel locking, safety can be greatly improved.


Even if you’re an adventurer, don’t compromise on battery life. The wider and thicker the tire, the more comfortable it is. To ensure a smooth ride, the tire should be at least 3 inches wide and at least 8 inches in diameter.

With solid rubber tires, you don’t have to worry about punctures. It supports your driver very well, but what it lacks is that it cannot absorb bumps on the road and degrade the driving experience.

Tires can give you a more stable driving experience, especially off-road tires. It can increase puncture resistance and balance comfort and durability.


Shock absorption also plays an important role in driving safety. It is better to choose a scooter with independent suspension. Compared with independent suspension, it can keep the scooter’s center of gravity stable and keep the wheels in contact with the road, cushion bumps and provide a smooth ride (learn more about the benefits of independent suspension).

Paj payload;

We can understand its durability from its flexibility and material. Consider a sturdy carrier that is more durable if it weighs more than 250 pounds. Aluminum alloy and carbon fiber are the strongest materials on the market, durable and corrosion resistant. Although there is not much difference between them in load capacity, the cost of carbon fiber is higher. In general, aluminum alloy is an ideal material for an off-road scooter. The stronger the structure, the heavier the load.


If you compare transport and off-road scooters, you will notice that the latter is bigger, more comfortable and safer.

Cover Size;

Consider the question of the width of the bridge. Many vendors these days place more emphasis on performance and rarely mention deck width, but it’s the deciding factor. Some customers are uncomfortable because the bridge does not sit on their feet. The legs should be narrowed, especially if the apron is too tight, this will definitely be uncomfortable. The biggest problem is that driving is more dangerous. This increases the risk of falling. To avoid this, do not select panels with less than 8.5 inches of coverage.


Body length of 37 feet-5, or height with people standing, is used for riders between 5 feet-3 and 6 feet-2. For scooters that cannot adjust the handlebar length, you should carefully check the fit before purchasing.

 Wide Sleeve;

The handle of adult scooters should not be shorter than 22 inches (56 cm). As an off-road scooter, it should be 25 inches (63.5 cm) long. If the lever is not long enough, the rider will get tired while riding the scooter.


Scooters often have headlights and brake lights. It is better to choose a light with a brightness of more than 300 lumens and place it under the bar. It illuminates the floor better than handlebar mounted lights. Headlights and taillights ensure that other drivers can see you, even at night or in dense fog.


Do you know that your scooter can ride in the rain? It can be used in light rain if the scooter is 4 or 4+ waterproof. If you need to drive outside, you should pay attention to the waterproof performance and dust content to prevent dust from entering the circuit and hindering use. In short, off-road scooters must achieve IP54 protection.


Choosing the best Off-Road e Scooter for the price is easy, but if the price is way above your budget, it is not for you, even if you choose the best off-road electric scooter. If you want to own an off-road electric scooter that not only meets your commuting needs, but is also suitable for off-road riding. The nine factors above will help you choose the best uphill off-road electric scooter within your budget!

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