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How to Make Your Food Supply Business Sustainable and Profitable

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There are only a few industries more profitable and vital than food. Taste and preferences may change from person to person, but everyone has to consume food to keep their bodies energetic. That is why many people choose to start a food business upon entering entrepreneurship. The food industry being a profitable business solution does not mean that there are no risks involved in this field. The reality is that the food business has more risks as you have to deal with perishable items. Sometimes, even your one small mistake can spoil dozens of food items. You need to be extra careful while handling food items. 

As per an estimated survey, we will have to increase food production by 9.1 billion to accommodate the requirement of the growing population by the end of 2050. The estimated increase in food requirement is 34% higher than today. The natural resources we need to produce an adequate food quantity are finite and decreasing every passing day. Even though we can minimize food wastage by preserving them inside commercial upright fridges and cold rooms, the problem will arise when you have to produce more food using less land and resources. Ensuring a sustainable food supply when the population keeps increasing is one of the challenging tasks. 

What is the meaning of sustainable food production? 

Sustainable food production and supply refers to a method where you do not use chemical or polluted means to produce food items. Sustainable food production and supply prove beneficial for the environment as they do not compromise the needs of future generations. These green approaches adopt policies and practices that can improve the quality of food and people’s health by limiting the use of resources. Taking care of several factors can make the food production and supply chain sustainable. The production and supply chain consists of every touch point from the farms to the kitchen cabinets of consumers. 

Know that the food moves through many processes and handlers until it reaches the kitchen shelves of the consumers. It is needed to limit food wastage, contamination, and other inefficiencies to make the food supply chain sustainable. While making your food supply sustainable, you also need to ensure that you can maintain a profitable business. Although the food business is more profitable than others, the tight competition can often prove overpowering. This blog will feature some strategies to make your food supply chain green for the environment and generate more profit for you.

Use eco-friendly packaging:    

The first step towards making your food business green is by reducing the use of toxic materials. You will need to eliminate using harmful materials, such as plastic which can be dangerous to the environment. Know that most of us tend to forget our choice of packaging when opting for an environmental-friendly food business. It is time to swap using plastic bags, which are not reusable, with something sustainable. Wooden and paper packaging is better for the environment because you can reuse it. Many are also developing innovative packaging, such as seaweed and fish skin.    

Embrace technology:    

Many people are not aware of the fact that technology is a sustainable option for the environment. Introducing technology to your food supply business is a green decision. There are many ways by which technology can help in saving the environment. Technology requires no transitions of organic products and also leads to no waste. Using software instead of paperwork can save you a lot of costs.

Invest in high-quality equipment:    

Choosing high-quality equipment for your business will help you generate more profit. The purchase cost of such equipment will be high. Know that you will not have to spend more money on the equipment later. High-quality equipment is reliable and sustainable. There are fewer chances of damages and repairs. The commercial equipment will also keep your food items safe and fresh for long periods.

Limit the water consumption:    

Remember that water is a scarce resource. Over time, the water resources on earth keep decreasing. It is our responsibility to save water to make your business sustainable. Do not use too much water to clean your products and equipment.

Choose local farmers:    

Know that the local farmers produce better foods than the mega food manufacturing organizations. The local farmers are less likely to use fertilizers and chemicals. They grow food items that taste better and will last longer. Make sure you ask farmers if they use pesticides before making any purchases.

Reduce food waste:    

Food waste is a common issue these days. According to the stats, we waste 31% of the food we produce. Every citizen and food manufacturer has to decrease food waste for the betterment of the earth. In case of food spoilage, remove the damaged part only and use the rest. You can use the scraps to make broth for cooking. You can also use some spoiled pieces of food to grow more food.

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