Cars for Family Safety 

5 Best Cars for Family Safety 


Americans spend tons of their free time in their cars. Whether it’s picking up kids from soccer practice or driving the daily commute to and from work. 

You want to ensure that your car is running well and will keep you safe in the event of an accident. Especially if you have a family that you are driving around. If you’re looking for a car that fits every member of the family here are the five best cars for family safety. 

How to find a Safe Car

When you start looking for a new vehicle for yourself and your family, you’re going to want to know how cars are rated for safety. You should be on the lookout for vehicles that are rated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS. This institution creates the basic crash safety scores for cars out on the market. The better the score the more safe the vehicle you are looking to purchase will be. 

These scores change every year, so if you’re looking for a used vehicle, make sure to find the safety rating of the year it came out or a specific rating of the car you want to purchase. Now that we know what to look for when buying a car, here are some of the best cars for family safety in t2022. 

1. Toyota Camry

A classic four-door sedan, you’ve most likely taken a ride in a friend’s Camry before. There’s a reason that these cars are so popular on the road. Not only are they affordable but they also rank highly on many safety lists year after year. The IIHS has named the Camry one of its top safety picks

Not only is it a classic car choice, but it comes with extra safety features to ensure you’ll have a smooth ride. Along with its included standard safety features, you can also opt-in for extra features like lane change assist and blind spot alerts. If the Toyota Camry is too small for your family, you can also look into their larger sedans and SUVs. They also have high safety ratings and can better accommodate a bigger bunch of kids. 

2. Honda Accord

Similar in build and style to the Camry, the Honda Accord is a highly-rated vehicle when it comes to safety. The other organization that rates safety features is the NHTSA which has rated the Accord 5 stars. and is recognized as a top safety pick by the IIHS. The Honda Accord is another standard four-door sedan that comes in many colors. You can also get the Honda Accord as a hybrid to save money on gas. But if you go for the standard it’s known for its great mileage and overall intuitive features. 

3. Subaru 

There are multiple models of Subarus that have extremely high safety rankings. These include the Subaru Forester and the Subaru Legacy. The Legacy is more of a midsize vehicle perfect for small families just looking to get around town. The Forester is great for families that like to take road trips and need some extra room for camping gear or a furry friend. These cars are incredibly affordable and a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. 

Subarus also have integrated features such as Apple car play and Android auto. This means that if you need to use your phone for anything while driving, you can have it connected to your car and use voice controls. This makes your ride safer by keeping your eyes on the road. 

4. BMW 5 Series 

If you’re looking for a luxury option for your family, the BMW 5 series is a great choice. It’s a standard four-door vehicle with the perfect touches for a smooth ride. It’s also a top safety pick meaning you can ride in style while also knowing you and your family are safe. The BMW 5 series is known for its precise handling and quick acceleration. So if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation while driving, you should be able to easily maneuver back to safety. 

5. Mazda M3

For people looking for fun and safety while driving the Mazda M3 is the perfect car. It has great gas mileage while also surprising drivers with its fun acceleration and accuracy. Perfect for joy rides with the family with the best safety features. 

Staying Safe While Driving

While everyone is trying their best to be alert on the road, sometimes accidents happen. It might not be your fault at all. But if you find yourself in an accident and need representation, take the necessary steps to find the right lawyer to assist in your case. That way you can get back on the road with your family in no time. 


It’s hard to be 100% safe on the road, but when you have a family you want to make sure you have a vehicle that will keep them safe. Just in case. Now that you know some of the best safety cars of the year, you can find the perfect car for you and your family to enjoy. 

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