Easter Messages For Family And Friends That Will Make Them Smile


Easter Sunday is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, His victory over death, and our hope in life beyond the grave. It’s also a time to reflect on those we love and appreciate, as well as on the relationship we share with our Savior Jesus Christ. Easter messages can express your gratitude toward your family and friends, as well as your love and appreciation for them. Here are some Easter messages you can send to your loved ones that will make them smile this Easter season.

Cute Happy Easter Quotes

Happy Easter to the best family, friends and furry companions! I am so lucky to have you in my life. Here are some Easter messages for family and friends that might make them smile:

-I am so glad that we’re spending this precious day together. You’re a treasure to me and I want to share this day with you.

-Best wishes on your new beginning – I’m sure that there are many happy memories waiting for us to make.

-To my family and friends – here’s wishing all of you the very happiest Easter ever at eheyo.com!

Funny Happy Easter Memes

No one wants to be the person who sends a boring Easter message to friends and family. But, as people usually have many celebrations in the same week it’s hard to keep track of what to say each time. So, here are some funny Easter messages for family and friends that will make them smile.

My eggs are getting harder and you’re getting softer. It’s not called egg-stravaganza for nothing. Don’t be fooled by the bunny in the hat – I’m looking for eggs.  Happy Easter!  Bunny may hop but he never stops when he finds an egg.  They might not find any chocolate eggs at the grocery store but they’ll always find some happiness with me.  The bunnies did their best this year to hide all of my eggs so now I can’t find any too! The holiday season is filled with chocolate and everything nice (or maybe just don’t mention that).  Hope you get a basket full of goodies on your doorstep this morning. Hiding eggs is better than sitting around doing nothing on this holiday morning.  Be sure to share your own Easter message for family and friends so we can all enjoy them too!

Funny Good Friday Jokes

It’s Good Friday and the start of Easter weekend. Enjoy these Easter messages for family and friends to wish them a Happy Easter!

*Hey Buddy. Now that you’re up, I’ll tell you my secret to surviving the week: coffee & carbs. Do you have any ideas? *I’m sorry if your first letter was an S. *Hey Pal, my boss gave me all this crap for my vacation day in March, so I took it in April.

Funny Hilarious Sunday Wishes

Happy Easter from your favourite uncle! I hope you have a fantastic day, spending it with the people you love. Happy Easter from your favourite uncle! I hope you have a fantastic day, spending it with the people you love. Happy Easter from your favourite uncle! It’s that time of year again where we all get together to spend some quality time with our loved ones and eat lots of yummy food. In honour of this wonderful occasion, I wish you all happy easter and remember: be good for goodness sake! Also, go ahead and share this funny message on Facebook so others can enjoy too. Have a safe and wonderful holiday everyone – we’ll be back next week with more funny posts for those in need of laughter to brighten their days.

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