Top tips to improve your organization’s contract management


Since signing a contract is generally considered to be regular, the contract management system is frequently treated officially. Contrary to popular belief, contract management is the key to improving your competitiveness across a wide range of industries.

Contract Management

To avoid issues later on, such as decreased productivity and procurement, a poor capacity to build a strong client base, and numerous issues centered on the horizon of responsibility, contract management is essential. You can also take help from Salesforce contract management solution to improve your organization’s contract management.

1. Determine your contractual requirements

Being in charge of contract administration and public procurement requires you to comprehend your company’s requirements, the rationale behind its collection, and the consequences associated with not meeting them.

Getting in touch with every employee within your organization sectors and asking them to provide you with a list of all their requirements will assist you to complete this phase as needed.

Having a clear understanding of your company’s mission and understanding the responsibilities associated with it will be crucial in selecting the individuals who will best serve your objectives.

2. Employ templates

Using contract templates with consistent language is a good method to manage risks, enforce uniformity, and spare your legal department the time and expense of getting involved. Contract templates also make it possible to better comprehend the terms of the agreement and reduce the number of rounds of negotiation.

The templates will be easier to use for your departments and clients by using plain language and minimal jargon. To achieve the best outcomes from your templates, be sure to get input and permission from the legal, business operations, HR, and finance departments.

3. Improve Contract Creation Standards

Process improvements at work can result from efficient contract administration. By standardizing and pre-approving as much contract language as feasible, the legal department can make major advances. For many companies, a sizable portion of contracts is subject to a standard set of clauses, guidelines, and legalese. A general counsel can speed up review time and concentrate on the particular elements that are particular to the contract in question by using identical, pre-approved language.

4. Set KPIs for contract management

A more transparent set of objectives for the entire organization is provided by articulating contract management KPIs. When department leaders are clear on the outcomes they want to achieve, it is simpler for them to create practices that produce those outcomes. Unmet KPIs may also point to productivity or cost leaks that were more difficult to detect in the absence of a defined benchmark.

5. Timeline for Contract Approval

The organization gains from streamlining the contract approval procedure in several ways. First, the organization benefits from obtaining the goods and services it has contracted for earlier, which can save time and money. Second, by making the process from first discussions to concluded agreements more convenient for both parties, a shorter cycle results in a more pleasant relationship. Finally, businesses that respond quickly and efficiently can find it simpler to take advantage of possibilities with short turnaround times.

6. Automate Contract Communications

You’re still using an antiquated method that can waste time and money if you’re still emailing or mailing contracts back and forth. A central, cloud-based repository enables concurrent access to contract data by many points of contact. Due to immediate access to the same version by all stakeholders, the collaborative discussion is simpler. You can completely avoid the possibility of forgetting one party’s address on a group email reminder by setting automated reminders to notify important parties to examine the document.

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