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Why Wearing the Right Footwear Important for your Feet?


Did you know that the shoes you wear have a direct connection with your knees, neck, legs and back? Yes, this is true. Running to your office for your early meeting or just going for your everyday walk, the shoes you wear not only affect your feet but your overall well-being too. 

And, when it comes to sports shoes, things can take a serious turn if you wear them during extreme physically demanding exercises. Hence, if you are considering buying sports shoes for women or men, there are some points you have to remember for choosing the right footwear.  

Why wearing the right kind of footwear is integral?

For improved foot care, it’s essential to wear the appropriate footwear. It not only makes your exercising sessions simpler and more comfortable but also ensures your feet stay protected from injuries at the same time. Wearing the right kind of footwear is good for maintaining a safe and healthy running routine and eliminating the strain on your feet. However, wearing the wrong kind of shoes can hinder your feet’ health and lead to injuries and unwanted pains. 

In the market, there is a myriad range of shoes available for serving different purposes such as walking, jogging and running including those which are well-treated during manufacturing for shock absorption both for walkers and heavy joggers. Thus, if you are looking for shoes that suit your needs the most, you have a variety of options to choose from!

How to ensure you are wearing the right kind of footwear?

Now, if you have already purchased your favourite footwear, the question arises: how will you know whether the running or sports shoes you just bought are ideal for your feet or not? Here’s how you can determine it:

Bruised Toes and Toenails

The process of getting proper-fitting shoes for yourself is somewhat difficult. It has been observed quite a lot that people generally tend to buy online shoes for men and women smaller than their actual sizes, which can further bruise their toes. 

A well-known and scientifically proven fact about our feet is that during the time of exercising or any other physical activity, they tend to expand. Thus, wearing smaller shoes at that moment becomes an issue. They might start showing signs of blackening as well as loss of nails once they get bruised. Hence, such kinds of injuries can indicate that the shoes you are wearing are either too tight or narrow in the toe area.

Toes touching the tip of the shoes

If the shoes you are wearing, don’t allow your toes to move comfortably, they are not right for your feet. Whether you are running, jogging or dancing, there should be enough space for wiggling your toes inside your sports or running shoes.

To overcome this, consider buying shoes that are neither too loose nor too tight.

Blisters, Calluses, and Corns

Apart from just getting bruised toes, wearing the wrong footwear can also lead to the formation of blisters, corns and calluses. Such kinds of foot issues are a result of consistent friction of your shoes against your feet and toes erroneously. 

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What’s the right time to change your shoes?

All shoes are subjected to wear and tear after a period of time. Thus, to ensure your feet remain healthy-looking always, the right time to change your shoes is when:

  • As per the recommendations of physiotherapists, sports shoes must be changed after every 400 miles of running or walking. Wearing them for too long starts ruining their ability to offer you the needed cushioning and comfort while you physically exert yourself.
  • If somehow the soles of your running footwear for women or men begin showing indications of flattening and creasing, then you need to get rid of them right away and buy the ones that suit your feet the best. 

To wrap it up, wearing appropriate shoes is quite vital for an enjoyable and comfortable walking or running routine. Furthermore, by studying the aforementioned points above, you can understand clearly how wearing the wrong shoes can hinder your life.

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