Tire Brands

2023’s Upcoming Favorite Tire Brands


Drivers purchase tires based on model, size, and cost. Some savvy customers choose the top model from reputable tire brands. To assist you in making a decision, we researched the top 10 tire producers.

How can you locate the best tire brands and offers? We reviewed independent customer reviews, industry reviews, publications, and governmental organizations to find the best Black Friday tire deals. Then we conducted a national poll of 800 mechanics and business experts.

The top 10 best tire brands for 2023 are shown below.


Using more than 30 data points, Car Talk assessed these tire manufacturers. Consumer satisfaction is ranked highest overall. On Best Tire Brands, customers discussed their tire brand experiences. For one tire model, a brand may receive excellent reviews, but not for another. It’s important to have a look at these rankings and then identify the tire manufacturers whose products best meet your needs.

Over 800 specialists were polled by Car Talk on the best tires available. The government publishes statistics on durability and safety. These studies looked at how a consumer’s purchasing decision was influenced by the quality and engineering of tire brands.


Since 1889, Michelin has been in operation. In front of Goodyear and Continental, it is the second-largest tire manufacturer after Bridgestone, one of the Best Tire Brands.

They provide 50 different tire models, ranging from the Pilot Sport S4 to the Best All Season CrossClimate2. One of the manufacturers of several winter tires. With every rating source we checked, Michelin has an amazing reputation for producing superb tires. The Best Overall Tire Brand award goes to Michelin.

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  • Extensive retailing around the nation.
  • leading in the industry.
  • We come in #1 place for consumer favorability.
  • Excellent efficient tires.


  • Price


On Best Tire Brands, Continental is a 150-year-old German tire manufacturer. This multinational company provides automotive and transportation subsystems. One of the companies is the tire industry.

In the US, Continental has 59 tires. High-performance, touring, and medium-duty truck and SUV tires are all made by Continental, however severe mud-terrain and all-terrain tires are not.

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  • Broad dynamic range, especially in performance terms.
  • Excellent variety of winter tires.
  • A wide range of all-season and touring tires are available.


  • There aren’t many alternatives for mud terrain or all terrain.


The American tire manufacturer Goodyear has been making tires ever since the discovery of vulcanization. It was founded in 1898 and has developed into one of the top four tire producers worldwide.

Surprisingly, Goodyear provides 85 different tire models, from the Radial LS, a cheap all-season tire made for tiny automobiles, to the Eagle F1 Supercar, a very high-performance tyre on Best Tire Brands. Additionally, there is a sizable assortment of truck and SUV tires, which make up more than half of Goodyear’s entire stock.


  • Extensive retailing around the nation.
  • Goodyear tire specialists at tire retailers.
  • Leading in the industry.
  • We come in the #1 place for consumer favorability.
  • Options for winter tires


  • Price


Basketballs have been made by the Japanese tire company Bridgestone since 1931. The Bridgestone Corporation is currently the largest tire manufacturer in the world after purchasing Firestone in 1988 and other businesses throughout the years.

Under the Bridgestone name, more than a hundred distinctive tire models are kept in stock. It provides the Encolpia line and the Potenza line for ultra-high-performance and high-performance, respectively, in addition to its Turanza line, which is its high-performance line. With the release of the Blizzak tire in the 1990s, it is also largely acknowledged as the creator of the current winter tire category.


  • A wide range of tires to meet every demand.
  • Strong retail distribution across the country.
  • Excellent performance in the cold.


  • Not even close to the range that other brands provide.


BFGoodrich has one of the longest-operating tire businesses in the world because of its start in 1870. Although it has been a Michelin brand since 1990, its ubiquity in the US has not diminished.

Tire producer BFGoodrich has reduced the variety of its products to only 21 different varieties to order to preserve its brand recognition. The All-Terrain T/A K02 and Mud Terrain KM3 tires, as well as the g-Force ultra-high performance tires, are popular models. White-letter tires are difficult to get, and the Radial T/A is the only tire available for classic muscle cars’ with 14- and 15-inch wheels. Compact and medium vehicle-specific Advantage T/A toutires tyres have also seen a lot of success.


  • High-quality all-terrain titers
  • Tires of exceptional quality made for muddy terrain.
  • These types of tires are uncommon on vintage muscle cars.


  • limited options for products.


Which tire manufacturer is best for you depends on a number of factors, including how you drive, where you drive, what sort of car you drive, and how much money you have. You’ll need a tire that can survive the rigors of the road and the weather if you own a Jeep Wrangler and want to go off-roading on the trails in the winter. Due to your lifestyle, you’ll want a different, less durable tire if you plan to drive mostly in metropolitan areas (living in a city, working from home, seldom using your car).

Cost, accessibility, toughness, and tread life should all be taken into account. An excellent starting point is to read ratings and reviews left by genuine consumers to get a sense of the product. It takes some research to choose the appropriate type of tire for your car and to go looking for the most affordable manufacturers.