How To Choose Good Wireless Headphones?


How to choose wireless headphones? Wireless headphones were once the dream of gamers and music lovers. Today it is a necessary attribute for people of different professions. They are used by operators, tutors, Skype translators, journalists, and athletes, etc.

A good headset – maximum comfort and no problems with untangling wires. It is important to know all the nuances of choosing headphones. Today we will find out what criteria to pay attention to when choosing them, and which wireless headphones are better to buy for a particular device or a particular job.

How to choose wireless headphones? Determining parameters when choosing wireless headphones

If you wondered – Which wireless headphones to buy? then you should understand what parameters and characteristics, you need to pay attention to in the first place. The main criteria for choosing wireless headphones are:

  • Type of connection to the audio source
  • Design and ergonomics (form factor).
  • autonomy
  • The presence of a microphone
  • Frequency spectrum and headphone sensitivity
  • Functional
  • Price

There are many models of wireless headphones, which differ in the above criteria. To find the perfect headphones, you must clearly define for yourself the purpose of their purchase, that is, how you will use them. A detailed description of each headphone parameter will help you decide.

How to choose wireless headphones? Connection type

According to the type of connection, modern wireless headphones are divided into:

  • Headphones with infrared connection
  • Radio earphones
  • BluetBluetoothetooth) headphones
  • Wi-Fi headphones

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Infrared headphones

Infrared headphones are connected via a special infrared port. These headphones are usually inexpensive, as the use of the infrared range does not require a license. In addition, such a connection is not afraid of electromagnetic interference. The bandwidth of the infrared channel is 5-10 Mbps, which allows you to transmit audio without compressing, which in turn provides a good, clear sound.
The main disadvantage of the IR channel is that any obstacle in the signal path almost completely jams it. It also degrades the signal quality and direct sunlight. The maximum operating range of such headphones is up to 10 meters, and the effective range (at which the signal quality does not deteriorate) is 4-6 meters.

Headphones with radio connection

These are the next generation of wireless earbuds. The operating range is up to 150 meters, and since walls and obstacles are not a hindrance to the radio signal, this is the main plus of such headphones. But the main disadvantage is the high sensitivity to electromagnetic interference. Such interference leads to background noise, and rustle. If there is no interference, the type of wireless radio connection can provide good sound for the headphones.

Another disadvantage of such a headset is its short battery life, due to the high-power consumption of the radio channel. If you compensate for the high-power consumption by using batteries with a large capacity, then the weight of the headphones themselves increases. Heavy headphones are uncomfortable to use.

Bluetooth headphones

A distinctive feature of the Bluetooth connection is its short range (about 15 meters if there are no obstacles in the way), low power consumption, and high resistance to interference. One of the main advantages of this connection is that Bluetooth is ubiquitous. Using Bluetooth, you can connect to any device (smartphone, player, tablet, laptop) that supports it.

Sound quality depends on the Bluetooth protocol version. By the way, in the latest versions, the radius of work reaches 100 meters. But with increasing range, the sound quality deteriorates at times. Good sound quality can be provided by Bluetooth versions 4.0 and higher. For music lovers who primarily need high-quality sound, the best option would be black wireless headphones with Bluetooth version 4.2 and higher, but they will not be cheap.

Headphones with Wi-Fi connection

Headphones with Wi-Fi module support are the most preferred among wireless headsets. They have a high bandwidth, which allows you not to pinch the audio signal, which ensures excellent sound quality. With increasing distance, the sound quality is almost not lost. The downside of these headphones is their high price.

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