Multi Services Gojek Clone App

Multi Services Gojek Clone App Make Your Business Profitable


Many businesses were vying for the opportunity to launch something novel in the app market. A single platform with numerous on-demand services dubbed “Gojek” was the concept of an Indonesian businessman named Nadeiam Markarim.

After being released in 2015, the Gojek App got about 30 million downloads in just two years. The Super App first began offering its services with 20 automobiles, and it now has more than 1 million drivers. Additionally, there are 18+ on-demand services available.

It was a Gojek who gave the market a totally original business model and income model. This is due to the fact that when using a single service-providing app, poor performance will have an impact on the revenue model. However, there are many different business models in the multi-services business case. The other services will make money even if one is negatively impacted. So there is always gain.

How this Super App will make profits for your business?

Buying White-label Solution

One of the key choices when purchasing an application is the white label option. Typically, the creating firm won’t provide the entrepreneurs the white label, which means they don’t totally own the application. If the entrepreneurs are given the white label, they can customise the application.

Service charge from the customers

Customers must pay a service fee to have a host service delivered to their doorsteps using an app like Gojek. The service fee is included in the bill, which is paid via in-app payment modes. Customers are not financially disadvantaged by the fee, which helps firms expand their consumer base.

Commission from Merchants

Merchants who utilise the platform to market their services are charged commissions by the app It’s one of the most efficient ways to make money because the platform makes it simple for merchants to grow their businesses and generate more income quickly. Each order placed through an on-demand multi-service platform requires the merchant to pay a portion of the profit.

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Commission from drivers

On each order they deliver, delivery partners and drivers must pay a commission. Your ability to monetize the Gojek clone app depends on the secondary model. Drivers can profit from this business strategy. The fact that the drivers earn and receive incentives and bonuses for exceptional achievements motivates them to work and complete tasks.

It’s Time To Build Your Presence Online With All in One Super App

An all-in-one app called Gojek connects customers and multiple services. The platform offers a wide range of services with a single tap on a smart device, including courier, maid, massage, and other services in addition to transportation. Therefore, developing an All in One On-demand Multi-services App enables quick access to various services that were first introduced in the area.

Once you’ve made the decision to build a super app like Gojek, you have a few options, including making a preliminary strategy and approaching an on-demand app development business. Have a quick look at the functionality and features of t app demo right away if you’re wanting to create an app that is comparable to Gojek.

To Sum Up

The best company concept right now is to create an on-demand software like Gojek. The Multi Services Gojek Clone App is a powerful tool you may use to attract consumers’ attention and build your brand in the on-demand market. Select an app development business that offers a feature-rich app at a price you can afford and with high standards of quality.

Your business needs will be taken into account when our engineers work with you to create a clone app. Future adjustments and changes are similarly simple to do. There won’t be any issues when the app is hosted on various platforms.

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? With the help of our Gojek clone solution, you can unleash the entrepreneur within of you and start your own multi-billion dollar company in just one week!

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