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Tomoloo Hoverboard Review


Hoverboards quickly became the most popular mode of transportation around the world after being introduced there in 2015 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It didn’t take long at all for famous people such as Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, and even Martha Stewart to start riding them. Even though the excitement has clearly subsided after five years have passed, it is not yet too late to figure out what all of the commotion was about. Even though they have a large number of different models available, a nice example of one that you might go for is the Tomoloo hoverboard. However, they do offer a variety of other models as well.

The hoverboard in question has a bluetooth speaker, a higher maximum weight capacity, and is also heavier than its competitors. These are the distinguishing qualities. We are going to concentrate on the Fire Kylin model so that by the time you have finished reading our Tomoloo hoverboard review, you will have a solid concept of the best hoverboard for you, and you will have an easy time selecting it from the available options on

The Reasons We Like the Tomoloo Hoverboard:

The Tomoloo Fire Kylin hoverboard provides great times indoors with its flashing LED lights and on-board bluetooth speakers, and if you want to take your fun outside, you can choose the Q2-X model with its 6.5-inch all terrain wheels.


  • Comparatively rapid charging time
  • Quiet single motor
  • RBB light


  • Exterior scratches easily.
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There isn’t actually all that much of a difference between the designs of the various Tomoloo hoverboard; in fact, it would be very difficult for you to tell the difference between this one and the Tomoloo Self Balancing Hoverboard. The majority of people are more concerned about the overall experience of riding, thus the variations are negligible. However, when contrasted with other brands, they are easily distinguishable. The LED lights on the Fire Kylin model flash in rhythm with the music being played through the onboard bluetooth speakers. This helps to make the journey more enjoyable. This is certain to boost enjoyment, especially if a child rides it.


Most hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, do not contain all that much power beneath the hood. Unlike the XPRIT Hoverboard, the Fire Kylin’s charging time ranges from 1 to 1.5 hours, resulting in around 4 hours of riding time. This is significantly longer than the XPRIT Hoverboard’s 1.25 hours. This hoverboard’s top speed is around 12.1 kilometers per hour. Its engine produces 300 Watts of power. Riders desiring greater control can download the Tomoloo app to their smartphone to adjust ride sensitivity and hoverboard speed, among other things.

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First-batch hoverboards had defective batteries that exploded after lengthy use. All hoverboards must meet with a new safety precaution designed to assure their high quality and prevent accidents. Tomoloo’s hoverboards are all UL2272 certified, which means that, like the Gyroor Hoverboard. They have been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they only function properly between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius. In addition, the maximum weight that this model can hold is 220 pounds. And it comes with a one-year warranty during which you can have it inspected if you feel that it is defective.

Tomoloo Hoverboard Conclusion:

Even if you’ve never been on a hoverboard before, you should consider giving the Tomoloo Hoverboard a try because it’s a good option for beginners. If you go with the Q2-X wheels, you’ll be able to ride on a wide variety of outdoor terrains. The Tomoloo app will allow you to customize the colors of the LED lights to your liking. Both of these benefits come standard with the purchase of the Q2-X wheels. The addition of these basic accessories should be sufficient to let you get the maximum enjoyment out of your rides.

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