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Introducing Gum Pinkening: The Revolutionary Procedure For A Pinker Smile

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Have you ever wished your gums were pinker? Of course, you have. The term pink can mean anything from a rosy color to excellent to sexually stimulated, so why wouldn’t you want your gums pinker? These days, people are paying more and more attention to their appearance, and the best way to get people paying attention to your smile is with pinker teeth and pinker gums.

What Is It?

Britegums is a revolutionary procedure that enhances the color and health of your gums. It was created by Dr. Cooper to help patients who were self-conscious about the appearance of their smile due to dark, yellowish gums. Gum pinkening is an easy, fast procedure that can be done in our office in under an hour. As soon as you finish your appointment with Dr. Cooper, you’ll have a brighter and whiter smile!

Why Get It?

If you have noticed that your teeth are looking yellow and dingy, it’s time to get gum pinkening. Gum pinkening is the revolutionary procedure that will transform your once dull smile into one as bright and shiny as it was when you were a child. You see, gum pinkening is an easy and painless procedure that takes just minutes. All you need to do is come in for your appointment and then we’ll apply a special gel made from all natural ingredients onto your gums which removes the yellowness from the gum line of your teeth. This way, when we whiten them, they’ll be whiter than ever before!

What Does It Do?

Britegums offers a revolutionary procedure that turns your teeth pink. We call it to gum pinkening since that’s what we’re doing to the gums: pinkening them. If you look up the word pinkening in the dictionary, you won’t find a definition. Here’s what it does:
*Gum pinkening make your smile brighter and more radiant *Gum pinkening makes your teeth whiter without bleaching *Gum pinkening removes the bacteria from your teeth to help prevent cavities and gum disease *Gum pinkening is safe and gentle on sensitive gums because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives

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How Long Does It Take?

Gum pinkening is a revolutionary procedure that turns your teeth pink in less than 20 minutes. It’s safe and effective, and it doesn’t hurt at all. You can take the gum pinkening kit home with you so you can use it whenever you need to! And when you want to go back to your regular color, just brush your teeth with toothpaste as usual.

What Are The Other Benefits?

We recommend starting with one treatment and then waiting two to three weeks before returning for another. This will allow you to see the results of the first treatment, and how your gums are responding to our pinkening procedure. We also recommend using a mouthwash or toothpaste that contains fluoride during this time in order to help strengthen your gums.
If you’ve been struggling with stained teeth and feeling self-conscious about that telltale sign of aging, it’s time to get gum pinkening done! Here at Britegums, we call our revolutionary procedure gum pinkening since that’s what we’re doing to the gums: pinkening them.

When Can I Get It Done?

Most people find the procedure to be pretty painless, as long as they’re not sensitive to Novocaine. A lot of people will say it’s more uncomfortable than painful. Sometimes it feels like you have too much air in your mouth, but that feeling goes away after a few minutes. And when we use the laser to seal off the nerve endings, patients might feel some pressure in their gums and teeth. But that also passes within minutes.

Is It Painful?

Gum pinkening is not painful. It’s actually more of an intense tingling sensation that lasts about 15 minutes. Your gums will be sensitive afterward, but they’ll return to normal soon enough. You can also use a topical anesthetic to numb your gums in advance of the procedure if you’re particularly sensitive.

Can My Children Have This Procedure Done?

At Britegums, we know how important it is to feel good about your smile. That’s why we created our revolutionary gum-pinkening procedure. It’s quick and easy, lasts up to a year, and has been proven to make your smile look brighter, whiter, and more attractive. We offer the procedure at two price points – $399 or $499 – depending on the amount of time that you need it for.

How Much Does It Cost?

Gum pinkening is affordable and it costs less than $200. You can have the procedure done as many times as you want, and our patients have had anywhere from 2-8 procedures so far. This is because our pinkened lasts up to six months on healthy gums, while unhealthy gums may only last 3-4 months. You will need to wait at least eight weeks before having another procedure done on your gums in order to give them time to heal.

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