If you are a fan of the hover board, or electric scooter,

and would like to give it a more innovative touch, you can do so with a hoverkart , which is the seat that transforms it into a fun go-kart.

Do not worry about your hoverboard model

because there are hover karts of any type, whether they are 6.5 inches, 8 inches, or 10 inches. It is attach to your hoverboard thanks to resistant adjustable nylon straps. The seat is covere by Eva rubber, so it is also very comfortable.

Its handling is simple and intuitive, in fact,

it is design so that it can be use by both children and adults. To use it, you only have to turn on the electric scooter. Once you have placed the hoverkart , it is ready to use.

How is it used?
If it is the first time that you ride the hoverkart ,

you have to know that the levers will not work until the skate does not detect pressure on its sensors, that is, until you are sitting on the saddle.

Remember to sit down without touching the drive levers. These are the ones that is use as as a steering wheel, with two simple turns. Down if you want to move forward or turn in one direction,

and up if you want to brake or go backward.

In turn, these control bars also regulate the speed of the skate from its maximum speed,

moving down its two levers at the same time, until the moment of its complete braking;

or go with a backward trajectory in the case of continuing to exert pressure by pulling the bars towards you.

As for the price, they depend on the quality of the item. But do not scared, it is not expensive, the price is usually within the range of 60 to 90 euros. Some have more features and are more practical to use, so they usually have an approximate price of 80 euros.

Advantages of the hover kart
If you have not yet decided to buy a hoverkart ,

it is still good for you to remember some of its advantages, such as its simplicity to connect it to the electric scooter . It also doesn’t take up much space when you store it. In addition, by having a third wheel, stability is improve with 3 support points on the ground. This allows the vehicle greater reliability and grip on the ground compared to the hoverboard . In this way, you will be able to overcome small unevenness or curbs without losing your balance.
Is it compatible with any hoverboard?
To date, it has been proven that hoverkarts are design to work with hoverboards that have a rounded central part, like most of the 6” and 10” hoverboards.

If the hoverboard does not have a rounded center, the mount may not fit properly. On the other hand, children’s hoverboards are not compatible with hoverkarts.
How does it work?
The hoverkart installs quickly and easily to your segway board. The two handles are directly connect to the two halves of the joint, which is in full control.

To direct it you need to push forward or backward with the handles,

just as you did before by leaning your foot backward or forward, this is what makes the wheel turn.

Each wheel is independently controlled so your hoverkart provide impressive maneuverability.

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