Steps to Consider to Upload an App on Playstore!

Steps to Consider to Upload an App on Play Store!


Google Play Store has a total of 2.9 million android apps available for download. 

So, what’s the significance of mentioning that?

That 2.9 million business have already built their own digital solutions and digitized themselves for the better. However, some of them still need to catch up in the race of digitization. 

How can you also participate in this modern race?

It’s as simple as creating your own application. 

Yes, while connecting to the best android application development company, you can create your own app and upload the same on the Google play store. It’s time to embark on a futuristic journey while exploring how you will do it.

You can only understand the development procedure if you belong to a technological background, but the uploading procedure must be in front of your eyes. Ensure to read this entire guide to unveil simple steps to upload an app on play store. Now, let’s get started!

How to Upload an App on Playstore?

Some critical steps are here to learn how to upload an app on play store. 

  1. Create a Developer Account

First thing first, make a developer account because with it only, you can seamlessly conduct the procedure. Here are the simple steps to do it: 

  • To initiate, sign in to your Google account. 
  • Then, you will have the developer agreement; ensure to accept it. 
  • You need to pay now $25 registration fee.
  • Finally, just complete all account details. 
  1. Make a Google Wallet Merchant 

Now that you have created your developer account, follow the steps below to create another account known as Google Wallet merchant. It lets you accept payments from different users when they download the app. 

  • First of all, sign in to your developer account. 
  • Move towards the menu. 
  • Hit Reports. 
  • Choose the tab named Financial reports. 
  • After that, you must move towards Set Up a Merchant Account Now.
  • Subsequently, provide your business requirements. 
  • Choose Submit. 
  • Finally, you have successfully linked your merchant account with the developer account. 
  1. Upload your App to the Play Console 

Don’t be worried; the procedure is not complex at all. Move ahead with these steps: 

  • Click Menu. 
  • Pick All Applications. 
  • Then, select Add a New Application.
  • You will see a drop-down menu now; hit the default language. 
  • Provide the title, which should be within the limit of 30 characters. 

The following two steps involve upload of APK or Store Listing Preparation. You can pick any of these and proceed further. 

  1. Upload Android Package Kit  

Here is a simple procedure to upload the Android Package Kit. It is a file format that needs to be uploaded for installing apps on android devices. 

  • Hit the menu. 
  • Choose Release Management. 
  • Click on App Release. 
  • Go to the internal test, closed test, open test, or production release, and pick the type of release. 
  • Subsequently, hit Create Release. 
  1. Prepare Store Listing
  • Provide an app title of 50 characters limit, a short description of 80 characters, and a complete description of 4000 characters. 
  • Use the screenshots, images, icons, and videos of your app. 
  • Also, enter the translated version of your application in your preferred language. 
  • Choose the type and category and categorize your app. 
  • Fill in the contact details like email address. 
  • Consider providing a link to the privacy policy if you want to use sensitive data. 
  • With the persona you provide to the app, users can decide whether to download the application. 
  1. Add Content Rating

Why is content rating important? Did you ever give it a thought?

Google checks the ratings before placing your app on the top ten list. To add a content rating, 

  • Choose your app. 
  • Go to the menu. 
  • Hit Store Presence. 

Every new user who doesn’t know much about the app can download it by looking at the reviews. 

  1. Pick a Distribution Model

After that, you must pick a distribution model for your Google Play Store app. You can either choose the app Paid or Free. However, if you decide Paid now and want to convert it into free later, you can do it easily but not vice versa. 

Specify the country as well where you will make your app available and the devices where the users can use it. 

  1. Publish Your App

The last step is to submit your app. Before clicking on the Publish Button, check the steps you have done till now and correct the misinformation if you have filled any. 

To Sum it Up!

This is the procedure you must consider to upload an app on Play Store. We hope it proved to be an informative guide to you. While performing these steps, if you find any hurdles and problems, connect with our experts. 

Bringing a digitized solution is possible with the best support, so consider meeting the best android application development company to witness it. Also, comment below if you have any further queries or doubts. 

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