Highlights of a royal wedding ceremonywedding ceremony in the UK


A royal wedding is a huge event and the whole world watches the grand ceremony. Royals are the most watched and followed people – be it the British monarchy or Danish royalty. The way they dress and the things they do are in the public eye. Most of the royal family is loved and respected by their countrymen, so a wedding on the cards is something to look forward to. Think of the ceremonies for Prince William, Prince Harry and even Prince Charles – they all got a lot of coverage. Here are the highlights that have been in the public eye during a royal wedding ceremony.

Celebrity guests

One of the most talked about things in a UK royal wedding is the guests. In most, all the royal houses of Europe are represented by the heir’s or rulers or even extended members of the family. Apart from this, the who’s who of the world can be also be seen. People keep guessing who will be there and there is as much excitement for guests as for the bride and groom. For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, there was a huge list of celebrities that attended – George and Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Elton John and Serena Williams. Charles and Diana’s wedding too had an impressive list including politicians and royals.

Bride’s wedding gown

As much as the wedding, the wedding gown also gets a lot of attention. From the patterns to the designers who made it. Princess Diana’s dress had pearls, taffeta and sequins and to this day remains one of the most iconic gowns. Queen Elizabeth’s gown had a 15-foot train. The dress had pearl and diamanté encrusted flowers, ears of wheat, jasmine blossoms and roses embroidered. It was quite exquisite and had a lot of symbolism attached to it. Kate Middleton had a dress made from handmade lace combining modernity and heritage. Many brides got dresses that copied her dress because it was so popular.

Engagement rings

Each time a royal got engaged and announced marriage, the engagement ring became the focus. Princess Diana picked her engagement ring from a catalogue which was a little different as most royals had them custom made. The same ring was given by Prince William to Kate Middleton. Prince Harry used diamonds from his mother’s collection to design a ring for Meghan Markle which was again a popular design in demand by normal people. Those who couldn’t afford natural diamonds went for Lab diamond rings but with the same design as Meghan’s ring.


All queen’s and princesses wear tiaras and all of this jewellery is displayed at a royal wedding. Royal wedding guests also sport them along with the bride and the groom’s family. Princess Diana wore the Spencer tiara – a family heirloom and it went perfectly with her dress. Kate Middleton wore the Cartier Halo tiara which was lent by the queen for the occasion. Queen Elizabeth wore the Mary Fringe tiara and the same was lent by her to Princess Beatrice for her wedding day. These are spectacular pieces and the public always watches out for them.


The last but not the least talked about item is the wedding cake! Cakes are a part of all English weddings and are usually huge centerpieces in a royal wedding. Some royal wedding cake portions are saved up for decades too. Queen Elizabeth had a 9-foot-tall fruitcake and most traditional cakes follow this.
All of these highlights are spectacular and common people get inspiration for their own weddings as well and showcase their wedding rings hatton garden. Of course, all may not be getting natural diamonds and Lab grown diamond engagement rings are quite affordable. Similarly, wedding dresses and cakes can also serve as inspiration. 

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