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Best Birthday Gift From Toys Shop in Lahore


My daughter will be three years old this month, so I thought I’d share what we purchased for her second birthday gift from Toys Shop in Lahore and what she still enjoys a year later. This list also contains several items we gave her for Christmas when she was 2.5 years old, as well as some additional items that I believe toddlers might enjoy and that I would consider purchasing if my daughter didn’t already have an abundance of toys.

This article should be helpful for anyone seeking a terrific gift buy from Toys Shop in Lahore for a two-year-old but is unclear what to acquire.


Aside from tricycles, balancing bikes for children are all the rage, with Strider being the most popular brand. These pedal-free bikes teach your youngster how to balance on a bicycle while using their feet to propel themselves forward.

Don’t be concerned if your child does not get the concept immediately away. My kid didn’t want to ride hers until she was about 2.5 years old, and now she constantly wants to. I was genuinely surprised at how quickly she began zipping through the sidewalks. Occasionally, she raised her legs and glid while I sprinted ahead of her to ensure she didn’t collide with anything.

There are also events and places, such as Toys Shop in Lahore, where your youngster can try out Striders on specific days to see whether they like it before buying. Because my daughter seemed to enjoy it, we decided to get one.

This bike is appropriate for children aged 1.5 to 5 years.

Make sure you also get a helmet!

Archway Falls Water Table STEP 2

Summers in Pakistan are getting hotter by the year, so a water table is a smart purchase to keep your child calm. My daughter adores this water table, and it’s simple to clean and store. It also has a selection of toys, making water play fun for toddlers. Many senior ladies passing by have commented on how entertaining the water table looks.

This table is also available at Toys Shop in Lahore, though there is no assurance that they will have it in stock.

Playset for the Kitchen

I had my eye on this Mother Garden kitchen set for a long time and knew it was something I wanted to get my daughter when she turned two. It’s adorable and well-made. Certainly not an eyesore in the house. She adores it, and I’m sure she’ll play with it for years. The best part is that it doesn’t produce any noise, which is fantastic for my sanity and my child’s imagination.

Of course, it takes up space, so if you don’t have enough, there are alternative solutions.

This Licca-chan kitchen set is both charming and small. It’s even more participatory than the Mother Garden version because your youngster can turn on the faucet and flip the food in the frying pan.

Many more kitchen sets are available, including gender-neutral options, so search around to find the perfect one for your child.

Talking Mixer Anpanman

This isn’t something I gave to my kid because it came out this year, but it’s something I would have gotten her because she loves to pretend to cook and is crazy with Anpanman. (However, I’m considering getting it as a Christmas present!)

It’s now a best-seller in the toy cookware category, so if your child or a friend enjoys Anpanman and is interested in cooking, this would make an excellent gift from Best Toys Shop in Lahore.

Doll Mel-chan

This is another toy that I did not acquire for my kid but am thinking about getting her for Christmas. If your child enjoys pretending to be a parent or will soon have a younger sibling, this would be an excellent gift because they can learn to “take care” of a baby.

I appreciate how it includes a small potty, which may aid children’s potty training. I wish I’d gotten this for my daughter’s second birthday.

Toy Pad Disney Dream

We purchased this for our daughter for Christmas, and she is completely smitten with it. It contains a range of activities, including those that are instructive, such as coloring, games, and songs, which I appreciate. It’s also small and portable, making it ideal for taking on vacations or events where your youngster might need something to focus on.

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