Sublimation Hoodies

What is Sublimation?


Sublimation is a production process in which the entire construction of a sweater is fused directly into the fabric. Everything from jersey colors, stripes, logos, player numbers and names becomes part of the fabric. Sublimation Hoodies start out as digital designs created with graphic design apps.

The design is then printed on life-size paper on large format printers. The printed pattern is then pressed against the fabric under high temperature and pressure. Heat and pressure turn the design into a gas, which then binds to tissue molecules. Finally, the fabric panels are sewn together to form the finished knit.

Sublimation Hoodies are more valuable than screen-printed Hoodies

When a shirt is “sublimated”, the design, logos, numbers and player names will not fade, crack or wear because they are embedded directly into the fabric. Sublimation Hoodies are different from screen-printed or embroidered Hoodies. Such Hoodies have logos, etc. on the surface of the fabric. Logos can wear or peel over time. Over several seasons, the added durability of Sublimation Hoodies can provide

Significant Cost Savings.

The number of logos, etc. on sublimation shirts usually have little influence on the price. In other words, the more designs on a sweater, the more money you can save on a screen-printed sweater. Women Sublimation Shorts contain everything: multiple logos, numbers, player names, and more – everything a team needs. This means that teams can add graphics such as sponsor logos, front numbers, sleeve logos, player names and more without increasing the value of their jerseys. A special advantage for the team is more sponsorship opportunities without additional printing costs.

Sublimated tops are more fun to play with.

For Hoodies with screen printing or embroidery, there is always a surcharge for each additional print on the sweater. For example, adding a player’s name or a sponsor’s logo will increase the value.

Sublimation Hoodies are more comfortable than regular Hoodies. The fabric remains beautiful and elastic because the print is applied to the fabric. This way you only feel the fabric and not the print. This is much nicer than dry ink logos etc. screen printed jersey.

Sublimation knitwear is lighter than knitwear with an embroidered or stitched print. For sports where a lighter fit means better results, sublimation is best.

Sublimation Hoodies color work

Sublimation Hoodies can be more complicated than regular Hoodies because they are made digitally. So, Women Sublimation Shorts can include stripes, gradients, textures, camouflage patterns, and more. There is also a much wider selection of colors. Colors such as Sunset, Lime Green, Fuchsia and Tangerine are standard colors for sublimation but are rarely seen in regular sweaters.

Another important advantage of Sublimation Hoodies is the full-color printing of the logo. However, each additional logo color on a screen-printed T-shirt costs more. This also applies to player numbers and names. TEAMCO has no logo color restrictions. Numbers and names are also offered in two or three colors at no extra cost.

With all these advantages, Sublimation Hoodies are becoming more and more popular. Teams looking for high-quality, value-for-money jerseys should seriously consider sublimation.

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