Vn88 said that Jamal Musiala – the jewel of the German team


Two years after making his debut for the first team of Bayern Munich, Jamal Musiala is about to compete in the first World Cup of his career at the age of 19- reported.

Meikel Schonweitz, coach of the German youth team, admitted: “Musiala once said that he saw a future when playing for England. We accept Musiala’s decision and wish him all the best.”

The turning point occurred in 2021 when Musiala chose to play for Germany. “I have love for both England and Germany. However, I have to listen to my feelings. I think choosing to play for Germany is the right decision even though it is very difficult,” Musiala explained to Vn88cx before performing. the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

In theory, Musiala has many advantages to play for England when understanding the football culture of the foggy country. The “Three Lions” also have no shortage of high-class stars like the German team and their position is also high after the 2018 World Cup. However, this midfielder decided to choose a more difficult path.

Coach Hansi Flick reported his choice to the famous French newspaper Vn88 mobile: Musiala adapted to the new environment and created conditions for playing in the first team of Bayern. In June 2020, Musiala was given the opportunity to debut in the Bundesliga. By February 2021, the midfielder was part of Bayern’s great 6th-winning squad. A month later, coach Flick summoned Musiala to the national team to attend the 2022 World Cup qualifiers when he witnessed the midfielder’s remarkable development.

It is still too early to confirm that Musiala made the right choice when choosing Germany to develop his career. But the advancement of this midfielder is undeniable.

Legendary Lothar Matthaeus believes that “musiala’s value must be at 250 million euros”. On Vn88, this 19-year-old midfielder is valued at 100 million euros. If France has Kylian Mbappe, England has Phil Foden, Brazil has Vinicius Junior, then Germany considers Musiala as its “precious jewel”.

“Musiala is like performing magic on the pitch. He looks like Leo Messi. What Leo can do at Barcelona, ​​Musiala can also do if he stays with Bayern for a long time,” added Matthaeus.

Musiala’s impressive performance at the start of the 2022/23 season (11 goals, 6 assists) shows that this young player deserves a chance in Qatar. Vn88cx statistics that no German player has imprinted his shoes on as many goals as Musiala in the 2022/23 season (20 goals).

Musiala’s preferred position in the public household. At Bayern, this is also where this midfielder plays the most sublime with 5 goals, 3 assists after 13 appearances. However, Musiala confirmed that he would play all positions at the request of coach Flick as long as he did not help the team.

Bayern coach Julian praised Musiala’s quality: “He moves the ball with two feet at any time. When he moves the ball, he still keeps his pace. The important thing here is that he is. He plays well in the defensive position.”

The link between Musiala, Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka helps Bayern play sublime at the beginning of the 2022/23 season. Coach Flick can also keep the midfield frame of Bayern, which is his former students, at the 2022 World Cup.

Carlon Carpenter, a data analyst at, thinks Musiala is a smart player and knows what to do with or without the ball at his feet.

“He seemed to have a vision of what was going to happen. Musiala knew how to take advantage of the valuable spaces on the pitch,” Carpenter said. According to experts of StatsBomb, the 19-year-old midfielder learns a lot from senior Thomas Muller, a master at making use of s

To get the current position, Musiala always works hard on the training ground. Vn88 mobile revealed that last summer, because he was not satisfied with the situations of touching the ball step one, Musiala spent a lot of time practicing this exercise over and over again with increasing intensity. In addition, the young German star also enlisted the help of the assistant coach at Bayern to perfect his ability to regulate his breath during competition, helping to increase his stamina when playing at high intensity.

Musiala’s efforts paid off with an impressive performance on the pitch. With great potential and the support of experts, this young midfielder can become the future of German football.

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