Top 8 and the best foods for mental health

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To enjoy life it is necessary to be ok with mental health and physical health both. A man cannot live a healthy life without fitness of both physical and mental health. So fitness of both these healths are crucial. Mental health makes you enjoy your life. If you are mentally or physically unhealthy or ill then you can’t enjoy life in real life. Even if you cannot work properly, you can’t give proper time to yourself and your family, you can’t concentrate on other routines and workings of your life. Lets talk about best food for mental health.

So to keep both mental and physical health fit then you must take proper diet, some important supplements, eat healthy food and fruits, etc to overcome this mental health problem so that you can enjoy and live a healthy life. In this article we will tell you about the top 8 and the best fruits and food which plays an important role in the betterment of mental health. Fruits are natural and rich in different vitamins and proteins, etc. So that’s why fruits are very necessary for mental health. We will tell you about fruits and food which helps you to boost your mental health. So keep this article carefully for the best information.


Banana is a fruit which is rich in vitamin b6 and this works as a mood changer. There is serotonin in bananas which helps you to stabilize your moods and feelings and affects your body. In this way bananas are very important for your mental health. A mental health patient should add bananas in his daily diet so that he will recover soon.  Also read cleveland mental health services for more information.


Beets are also a healthy food for your mental health. The biggest benefit of beet is that it increases the blood level in your body. If you are facing deficiency of blood then you must eat beets, it will help you alot in increasing blood. And the second benefit of beet is that it also plays an important role for the betterment of your mental health because it contains several vitamins, iron, and other nutrients. It contains vitamin A, b, c, iron, magnesium, potassium, fiber and proteins. As it is rich in all these things so this is very effective for your mental health. Moreover, beets also contain Choline which helps you to overcome many other mental health disorders. In this way beets are good for physical and mental health both.


Almost all oranges are the favorite of everyone and the majority is fond of eating oranges. Orange is also very important for your mental health as it is also a nutrient rich fruit. Oranges contain fiber, vitamin a, b, calcium, potassium, etc. Orange works as an antidepressant. There are many nutrients in oranges Which are very beneficial for your nervous system. So that is why the supply of books in your brain doesn’t stop and you stay safe from mental health disorders. 

Coconut oil

Coconut or coconut oil both are very effective for your mental health. Even though coconut oil is also used for better hair growth, and to make hair long, healthy and shiny. Coconut or coconut oil helps you to reduce depression, memory loss, stress, etc. And moreover, due to the presence of ketones in coconut oil, it also helps you to stabilize your mood. So in this way coconut oil is beneficial for mental health and hair growth too. 


There are so many vitamins and minerals in tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c. Tomatoes help in reducing Alzheimer disease. So tomatoes are also very beneficial for your mental health. 


According to adhd doctors near me, There are omega 3 fatty acids in apricots which helps in reducing many mental health disorders. Like omega 3 acid plays an important role in reducing bipolar disorder. And this acid in apricots is present in huge quantities. Due to the presence of amino acids in it, the body is converted into serotonin and it helps in keeping the brain balanced and healthy. In this way apricots are beneficial for mental health.


Lemon is rich in the presence of vitamin c. Even if you drink the water by adding a one drop of lemon juice in it, it is also very beneficial. It helps in reducing depression and relieving stress. It works as a stress reliever. Vitamin c plays an important role in reducing stress hormones. Moreover, lemon is also used to control acidity. It is very useful and beneficial. 


Guava is also rich in vitamin A, c, and magnesium. It helps in keeping your mood good and also it plays a role in reducing bipolar disorder. Due to fiber in guava, it is also very good for Alzheimer. And guava is also very effective for digestion problems. It is also used for digestion. So in this way guava is beneficial for both mental and physical health.


These all above mentioned fruits and foods are very important for your mental health. You should intake these things with your diet. They will help you to keep your mental health 100% fit. 

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