6 Tips to a Positive Surrogacy Journey

6 Tips to a Positive Surrogacy Journey

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Surrogacy is one of the most complex yet special journeys you will ever be a part of, whether you are the surrogate or intend to be the parents. Things may go all right, but still, it might get a tad bit challenging. However, it would be best if you always focused on making the journey positive and comfortable for yourself and the surrogate mother investing her time and energy in your family. A positive outlook toward everything benefits everyone, including the baby!

Below are the top six tips for a positive surrogacy journey you should know about-

Tip #1- Be Prepared, Read, Research, and Ask Questions:

You might be excited to start your journey to have a baby. However, with that happiness and excitement, you may lose sight of the bigger picture. You must be ready to take on all the responsibilities of the baby, and you and your partner must be committed to parenthood. Research and learn how surrogacy works, understand the legalities of the entire process, and meet other surrogates and intended parents and know about their journey. It is also a great practice to ask any questions related to surgery, no matter how insignificant, with your agency professionals to help you understand the process clearly.

Tip #2- Ensure That You Are Prepared for It:

Meet an experienced surrogacy counselor who can prepare you for the journey and help determine if you are ready for surrogacy. As intended parents, you might be super happy with your dream turning into reality. On the other hand, if you are a surrogate, you might be excited to be a hope of new beginnings for someone else. However, irrespective of which side you are on, you must know whether you are ready for the journey. That is why you should meet a counselor to tell you what to expect and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Tip #3- Choose Someone With Whom You Share Values:

A surrogacy relationship will likely continue for a lifetime. That is why you must ensure that the surrogate or the intended parents commit to the same values as you and that you can spend time with them, even after the baby is born.

Tip #4- Discuss the Big Issues:

You should first internally discuss the big issues like money, timelines, pregnancy termination, vaccination, treatment options, and feeding options. However, if you and the surrogate/intended parents cannot be on the same page, maybe you are not right for each other. Compatibility is the key!

Tip #5- Regular Counseling:

To maintain peace and wellness, you should take regular counseling with a surrogacy counselor. You can attend these sessions every month or every trimester for a positive journey ahead.

Tip #6- Take Responsibility for Your Journey:

You may have experienced loss, grief, or chronic illness because you cannot conceive. However, you should understand that surrogacy is complicated, and even though the surrogate does the most work, it is not her job to look after you and the baby. That is why you should take responsibility for your well-being and seek support from loved ones. Do not expect someone else to be your emotional support.

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