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Tips for taking online exams For Achieving Good Grades


Due to the crisis of covid-19, students’ lives were severely affected. Schools and universities had to shut down, and the education system faced a collapse. To tackle the problem of closed institutions, Academics introduced the concept of online learning and exams. Advanced technology has enabled institutions to continue the education of students online. But students faced difficulty understanding the newly introduced idea of online exams. Surprisingly, with the help of the homework app, students can prepare efficiently for online exams. Furthermore, to provide online exam help to students, below are some tips to help you perform better in online exams.    

Challenges Students Face in Online Exams    

Technical Issues: Online exams mainly rely on your tech. Since your computer is your exam platform, it severely affects the exam. A malfunctioning computer is a nightmare for any student while giving online exams.     

Unwanted Noise: We all know how things get louder when preparing for something important. Unwanted noise is a significant challenge affecting any student’s online exam. Unlike exam halls, your home won’t stay quiet for hours of your exam.     

Network issues: The biggest gamble for any student while giving online exams is if the network will stay stable. An unstable network can cause a waste of time and affect your grades. It is not very uncommon for Wi-Fi to go down during important meetings and exams.    

Not Everyone is Good at Typing: Not every student can write as fast as others, same goes for typing. With online exams entirely depending on your typing speed, it becomes a difficult task when you can’t type as fast. With limited time and slow typing speed, your result would be affected even if you know the answers.    

Tips to Achieve Good Grades in Online Exams   

Please don’t leave the test page: The most common mistake students make while taking online exams is when they leave the test page. Even if it’s an open textbook, all your progress may be gone if you leave the test page. Rather, be prepared firsthand before the start of the exam. Have physical notes if allowed and only open the required test page on your computer. 

Recheck your technology: The best online exam help tip is double-checking your software and hardware thoroughly. Ensure your webcam and microphone are working and that you have a stable network connection. If you have technical issues during the test, have the tech support number in hand. In most scenarios, professors allow extra time so ask for it if you need help with technical issues.      

Find a good spot to take the test: With traditional exam hall examinations, you’re assigned a seat for the next few hours of exams. But with online exams, you can choose your comfortable place at home. Uncomfortable seating often causes students to lose focus on the paper. So, find yourself a cozy spot before you start taking your exam. Make sure to lock the doors as you don’t want anyone entering the room to avoid any disturbance.      

Proofread your work: If you have time, always make sure to proofread your work. Proofreading helps you look over grammatical errors. Also, you may have forgotten something or planned to do it later. Take 10-15 mins to recheck your paper for any mistakes or unanswered questions.    

Check the time: Unlike standard exams, there won’t be any clock or examiner reminding you of the passing time. Lack of time results in you cramming at the very end when you realize the shortage of time. You can use a homework app to schedule your exam time to remind you of the time left. Also, read the whole question paper beforehand and complete the questions you understand first.    

Ask for online exam help: The concept of online exams is relatively new. So, it’s reasonable to lack understanding of it. Websites available online help you grasp the idea of online exams. Websites like TutorBin help students to prepare for online exams with live sessions and expert guidance.    

Final Words   

Students seek online exam help because of the fear of unknown challenges. Online exams are a new experience for many students and can be challenging without proper knowledge. Study hard and ask for help if needed to achieve better grades online. Remember the tips above to ensure a better experience in your next online exam.

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