The Top 5 Benefits Of Taking A Defensive Driving Course


You can’t control what happens around your vehicle, no matter how skilled you may be. Aggressive driving, extreme weather Roadway obstructions Failures in mechanical systems, if you need to learn to avoid these hazards or aren’t prepared for them, you can put your safety at risk.

A Safer Drivers Course will teach you how to drive safely in an emergency. It also teaches you how to handle fatigue, emotional stress and road rage.

There are many other reasons to learn safe driving habits. These are the top five benefits of taking a defensive driving class:

Save Money

Many states support safe driver incentives. They can reduce your insurance premium by up to 10% if you complete a defensive driving course. This can mean significant savings for parents who have teen drivers on their insurance policies. Check with your agent to learn about local regulations. Some states permit drivers to take a 1-hour course, while others require longer courses to be eligible for savings.

Reduce Points/Fines

Driving violations can be removed or dismissed by completing a defensive driving class. Having too many tickets or points on your driving record could result in fines and lost wages. You will need to pay for taxis, buses and other transportation costs if you can’t drive. A defensive driving course can be a quick and efficient way to maintain a clean driving record.

Learn Critical, Accident-Free Techniques

Road hazards can be dangerous no matter how far you drive, whether driving a few blocks to the grocery or hundreds of miles to your vacation destination. You can stay safe by avoiding potential dangers. Defensive driving courses teach drivers how to anticipate and react effectively to various hazards, including other drivers’ carelessness, dangerous road conditions and poor visibility due to severe weather conditions.

Refresh Law Knowledge

Did you know that intersections are the site of more than 40% of crash deaths? You also have higher chance of getting into an accident if you pass another vehicle within 100 feet of bridge, railway crossing, tunnel, or other structure. Likely, you last reviewed driving laws and regulations a few years ago unless you’re a new driver.


No matter how experienced you are as driver, there is always room to improve your driving skills and knowledge. Imagine how safer the roads would be if everyone took the course and used the safety tips they learned. You can’t control the world around you. But you can prepare to handle any dangerous situations while driving.

Online Course Advantages

Online courses offer many advantages. They are fast and easy, will help you save money, and make you a safer and more competent driver.

Convenient: You can learn from any device, at any time, and on any device.

You Can Control the Pace: Intelligent bookmarking allows you to start and stop online courses as often as you wish.

Instant Access to Your Completion Certificate: Your completion certificate will emailed to you or your agent as soon as you complete the driver improvement program. This will allow you to save money and clean up your driving record.

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