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The Important Tips Of Kraft Packaging Boxes In Marketing


The 100% biodegradable and cost-efficient boxes, which offer elegance in packaging are highly preferred in today’s era. They are handy, versatile to look at, and never fail at protecting the products that they enclose. These features are already enough to increase their importance over the other boxes in comparison, however, some facts should be considered to drive better marketing results from kraft boxes wholesale. There are some suggestions laid down, which would assist your business to grow. Simply adding a few features to your boxes and making them unique will make the customers remember your brand.

Following are the important tips for kraft packaging boxes in marketing.

⮚     Display your logo by getting it printed on the box

You can get your brand logo printed on the boxes and own them. This makes the customer purchasing the product notice your brand name every time. Kraft boxes are made of kraft paper material which is very easily printed and scuffing is not so easy to do on it. Therefore, they retain the prints for very long.  Your contact information, the name of the website, or any such service that you offer besides the business can be promoted by the prints on the boxes, thus the marketing process continues through custom kraft boxes.

⮚     Design boxes with compartments

The boxes having compartments inside would leave a good and lasting impression on the customers due to the comfort in use they provide and the organized look they give. The more your boxes stand out, the more the customers use them.

⮚     Make the size of boxes accurate to the products inside

 A one-pound cake for example packaged inside a box the width of a pizza box would be inappropriate, right? Show the audience your sincerity and make perfect-sized boxes following what is required by the products. The faultless sizes play a big role in the protection of delicate products as well.

⮚     Use multiple shapes and styles of boxes for packaging

There are manifold styles, sizes, and shapes available for the kraft packaging boxes . for instance

  • Square boxes
  • Gable boxes
  •  Round boxes
  • Pillow boxes
  • Gable boxes etc.

Instead of using a single style, provide a variety of styles to your customers. This step would make them so much more excited to buy from your brand and not others. Not just the above-mentioned shapes and styles are available, but you can get the custom kraft boxes customized in other shapes too. Even if it is a hexagon!

⮚     Give an advanced appearance to the boxes

Instead of presenting simple brown and custom kraft boxes as the packaging for your products, use advanced methods and improve the look that the boxes possess. For example, getting them painted by several methods, or following themes and color schemes would make your packaging boxes stand out. Adding deluxe features for luxury products is one other way. Foil printing the labels and coverings with gloss and glaze coatings gets the attention required for the kraft boxes wholesale.

⮚     Use some extra features

To give the boxes a more aesthetic look without getting them printed or painted is the use of some pretty-looking features. Such as laces or ribbons. These small additions lift the presentation of the kraft boxes higher than your expenditure on them!

⮚     A little note as personalization

Use the kraft boxes to show the world what your goals are and how you plan to change the world. Use the top or any other face of the boxes to leave a little message and let your customers know how precious they are to you. This would make your custom luxury boxes unique and make you achieve that goal of marketing you desire for your business eventually.


The high-quality kraft packaging boxes that provide you with remarkable service at very appropriate rates can be used as your main tools for marketing your brand. All you need to know is  “how?” With the use of the above mentioned tips, you can get marvelous results without having too much expenditure as well. That is why using the technique is more important than tools, therefore increasing your sales and marketing with simple steps is possible, if you make it.

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