Powerful Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement

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Many methods and strategies for engagement can assist you in increasing the number of people who see your Facebook posts at no cost.

Despite the popularity of Snapchat and the convenience of using Instagram, Facebook is still top-of-the-line regarding advertising.

Every business, from the hairdresser at your grandmother’s house to giants in the industry such as Red Bull – has a Facebook page; however, not everyone knows how to use their company’s Facebook page to draw the attention of their fans.

Part of it is because Facebook is constantly changing their algorithm and pricing, making it challenging to engage your followers without spending significant sums. Many methods and strategies for engagement will allow you to get more people to see your posts without cost click here.

I’ve compiled a list of the most efficient options here. These aren’t intended as quick solutions that ensure that every post will be successful but rather as an overall approach that can help you grow your page and image over time. Remember, only two or three popular posts aren’t enough to ensure a page with a lot of traffic. Just an organized and consistent approach to engagement on Facebook will do this.

Crafting the Perfect Post

What to Post

There’s no single correct or incorrect method of writing posts for your Facebook page; however, you should consider the following types of formats since they can increase engagement from users.


Video is being promoted by all social media platforms the present. Your video must be professional, can be viewed with no audio (or with captions automatically generated) and isn’t too long (studies indicate that the bulk of your message must be communicated within the first 10 seconds). You can expect to receive lots of interest from your viewers!


You could consider creating events organized by your page, for example, an annual sale, a promotion or an in-person occasion. Invite people following your page to attend the event, whether they’re attending or interested in the event’s time. They’ll be informed every time you update the page for your event, and their friends will be able to find out if they’re going to the event and could be attracted to your site.


Images aren’t a standard feature on posts well on Facebook since it’s straightforward to scroll to them. Utilize one of the many available online and simple-to-use image editors to design an easy-to-use image that will help convey your message and catch the attention of any person browsing their feed.

When to Post

Numerous studies have been conducted on the best time to share content on social media, and the results are precise. You can check out a tech report written by researchers from San Francisco, this infographic from Microsoft or this overview from Buddy Media for detailed breakdowns; however, generally speaking, you should post at the beginning of the evening, around 7 or 8 pm or during weekends. https://techpairs.com/

Posting on business times, the typical to-do for most websites is not the best option since most people aren’t on their phones during those hours.

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