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Making the Most of the Season at Your Watch Repair Store

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The onset of October announces the holiday season. Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, it’s all about festivity and the joyous spirit of holidays. The best part of this holiday season is the sales for your business as people barge in with all their money to spend on decorations, supplies, and much more. The holiday season is the season of all, whether you are a buyer or a seller, especially for sellers. If they do it the right way, they can earn a fortune for years.

I am calling out watch repair shop businesses specifically because the holiday season means people tend to give the best gifts to their loved ones. They define their love based on the uniqueness of the gift they present. And what can be more special than family heirlooms, vintage pieces like jewelry pieces, or watches? You have to make sure to cash this festive season. Do all the preparations, update your Watch Repair Shop Software, and gear up for the sales.

Let me present a few tips to execute the best sales strategy for your watch repair store to make the most of this holiday season.

Prepare for the Holiday Sales

The first and foremost step is the preparation for the busy season of the year. Where the sales are on top of the roof from October to December, July to September are the ideal months for starting the sales and working on the strategies. You have to be all geared up for the upcoming years. Customers will come up with every kind of watch piece to get repaired and restored. Some of them will be quite old and most probably their part won’t be available easily. But in order to satisfy your customers and to be ahead of your competitors, you must have all the repair parts and tools to do the job. For that, prepare your inventory to be fully stocked with all kinds of parts. In addition to that, you should have smart tools to tackle sensitive and precious watch pieces. Your technicians should be smart and knowledgeable enough to repair such pieces meticulously. To manage all the customers, you must have a Watch Repair Store POS Software.

Moreover, prepare the sales and discounts percentage according to your budget. Then, see what you can afford and devise your strategy accordingly.

Start Sales Before the Sales

You can easily win the game of sales when you are prepared and start early before the rest think of planning the holiday sales strategy. By doing that, you can generate more sales before even the profitable time. While others will plan their strategy, you will be done with the first chunk of profit by then. People are always looking for sales and discounts, so doing this will fulfill the purpose for both parties. Furthermore, you can extend the sales even after the season i-e., until February. This will be your perfect surprise element, and customers will surely prefer you over others.

Give Attractive Discounts

Everyone is a sucker for discounts and offers. But the question arises if everyone will be giving such wonderful discounts, then how come your discount will stand out? So you have to give attractive discounts. It can be “repair for repair,” which is just like buying one for free. Or you can give out accessories with the watch repair. Plus, you can give them a 20% or 30% discount depending on their repair job. You can manage all these discounts and send vouchers to your customers by using Watch Repair Shop Software. One other way is running referral discounts. This will encourage your customers to vouch for your services to other people in exchange for tremendous discounts.

Moreover, you can provide free shipping and free gift cards on each purchase/repair. Be the Santa for your customers in the giving season!

Provide Extra Attention to Customers

During the holiday season, when everyone is busy selling and making a profit, there are times when you cannot give proper attention to your customers. But every customer does need proper commitment as they are giving their precious watch piece to you. For you, it’s just a job, but for the customers, the piece holds a sentimental value that they will pass on to the next generations. Its maintenance is quite a sensitive matter to them. So, whenever a customer steps into your shop, make sure you have a dedicated technician to satisfy him and walk him through the whole process. You know that the holiday season is quite busy, so you can make online appointments using your watch repair store POS software to give a dedicated slot to your customers and manage every sale.

Level-Up Your Marketing

When your competitors are fully ready to take maximum advantage of the holiday season and plan their strategies, you will have to do something to surpass them. It can only be done by improving your marketing. Whether online or offline marketing, you must devise a strategy that attracts more customers than your competitors. Run a holiday campaign and send a unique message to watch lovers. Make sure that you influence their mind into thinking that you are the one with the best tools and expertise to handle their prized possession. Run a social media campaign, do promotions and ads and send out offers via messages or email to your customers using Watch Repair Shop Software. Create unique and holiday landing pages and change your theme accordingly.

These are quite beneficial things to adopt to make the most of the season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Try these and thank me later!

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