Kenneth Petty – How Old Is He?


You’ve probably heard of Kenneth Petty, but you might not know how old he is. He’s a convicted felon and is serving a seven-year prison sentence for killing Lamant Robinson. But despite the crimes he’s committed, he’s a proud father of a beautiful daughter.

Kenneth Petty – The Music Executive Behind Nicki Minaj

Originally born Kenneth Petty in Queens, New York, he went on to become a music industry executive. However, he was later convicted of murder.

Born in Queens, New York City

Known as a Music Executive, Kenneth Petty has gained a lot of fame as a result of his relationship with American rapper Nicki Minaj. However, Kenneth Petty has a bad criminal history and has been arrested multiple times.

As a teenager, Kenneth Petty spent four years in jail. He was arrested for a variety of crimes, including rape and molesting. He was released from jail in May 2016, but was then arrested for riding unlicensed vehicles and crossing red signs. In May 2018, he was arrested for crossing red signs again.

Kenneth Petty has worked with many famous artists. He has appeared in several music videos including Megatron and Hot Girl Summer. In addition, he has collaborated with singers such as Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion. In October 2019, Kenneth Petty married Nicki Minaj. He was reportedly trying to change his career and become a music producer.

Petty is also reported to have five children from previous relationships. As of 2020, Kenneth Petty’s estimated net worth is $500K.

Became a music industry executive

During his early childhood, Kenneth Petty spent most of his time in New York. He grew up in the Jamaica section of Queens, New York. His father is an entrepreneur and his mother is a homemaker. He has five siblings.

Petty attended Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School 210Q in Queens. His criminal history includes numerous offenses. In 1995, Kenneth petty age convicted of attempted rape of a 16-year-old female. The woman filed a lawsuit against Petty and Nicki Minaj.

In September 2021, Petty changed his plea to guilty. He was then sentenced to one year of home confinement. He was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor. Petty was also ordered to pay a fine of $55,000. He was also given a three-year probation.

Kenneth Petty was registered as a sex offender in New York. He was also arrested for several crimes. He served time in prison for a variety of offenses. He has had a lengthy criminal history. He was convicted of a rape, attempted rape, and molestation.

Convicted of murder

Despite his recent arrest for driving with a suspended license, Nicki Minaj hasn’t released a lot about Kenneth Petty’s background. However, the rap star did confirm that she has a relationship with the former New York City rap star.

Petty is now a convicted felon. He was convicted of attempted rape and manslaughter in 2006. He was released on parole in May 2013. His name appears on the New York State Sex Offender Registry.

Kenneth Petty was born in Queens, New York. He is of Afro-American ethnicity. He has been arrested multiple times. In September 2018, he was arrested for driving with a suspended license. He has been charged at least eleven more times.

Petty served a seven-year sentence for manslaughter. He was released in May 2013. His name is still listed as a level two registered sex offender in New York. This means that he is considered a moderate risk of committing a repeat offense. He must register for life.

Kenneth Petty pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter in 2006. He was sentenced to 18 to 54 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay a $55,000 fine.

Relationship with Nicki Minaj

Despite a rocky history, the relationship between Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty has managed to endure. The pair have remained together for more than two decades, despite having to overcome many obstacles.

Minaj and Petty have dated before, but it was when they were in their early teens that they became romantically involved. Petty was convicted of rape when he was 16, and he served time for the crime. The pair reunited in the late 2000s. They are currently married.

The pair have a son. Nicki gave birth to the baby on October 1, 2020, but they have not yet revealed the name of the baby.

Petty’s criminal history has been a subject of contention among fans. The pair dated briefly when they were teenagers in Queens. Despite the backlash, Minaj has defended her husband against critics. They are enjoying their married life.

Petty was initially registered as a sex offender in New York. He served seven years of a 10-year sentence for the crime. In addition to his prison sentence, Petty was required to follow a strict curfew. He also had to wear an ankle monitor. The government requested prison time to emphasize the gravity of his sex offender status.

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