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Increasing Startup Team Efficiency in Remote-First Environment


The covid-19 pandemic has changed the shape of various business identities and their infrastructure. Nowadays, we see practices that were uncommon in the past, things that were unnecessary earlier, but now we find them useful! Businesses started remote work practices, brainstorming sessions, and water cooler talks were abandoned, and employees comfortable at their desks needed to resettle their work ambiance.

Even though there were numerous pre-existing remote-based businesses, this intervention following the pandemic’s spread alarmed many businesses. Whereas for the working staff, a remote job entails much more than simply leaving the workplace and working from home.

However, working in a remote environment will necessitate additional knowledge and effective verbal and written communication. Therefore, it is rightly said that working from home can sometimes be more hectic than working in the office.

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All the benefits of working remotely!

Various businesses can save a heft of basic expenditures if they shift on working remotely. Firstly, the cost of allocating visas to the overseas employees can be saved. Moreover, an increased productivity can be seen with the lowest expenditures. Time tracking software like Apploye, which offers receipt generation feature, helps you increase the productivity of your remote workers by miles.

While on the other hand employees can work from just about anywhere. The working staff can enjoy all the geographical benefits and facilitate themselves as much as they can.

When you include the lack of travelling time, remote workers often save more time. Along with time, they can also manage their transportation expenditures more precisely. more time and fewer distractions, results in higher productivity.

This probably is a significant benefit of working from home for both employees and companies. Remote work, when done correctly, allows people and businesses to concentrate better on their goals.

Work engagement, higher productivity, and employee satisfaction can be seen in the staff working on remote basis.

Furthermore , remote working isn’t limited to those who work from home. All the freelancers that work on various platforms also fall under this category.

Drawbacks of remote work

Despite the fact that digital technology has made workers more productive and available than ever before, many organisations have been hesitant to let employees work from home on a regular basis. They are afraid to do so for a variety of reasons. The lack of efficiency on the part of staff is the biggest drawback of working from home.

How can you ensure your virtual staff remains productive when you can’t walk over to their workstation to check in on them? There are a few tactics to consider to ensure that your team remains productive while working from home.

Monitor every Performance of your staff!

Even under the most difficult situations, you can count on apploye tracking. Whether it’s because of the coronavirus pandemic or another reason, keeping an eye on your employees while they’re doing necessary work from home is critical to your business’s success. To keep their motivation levels high, use our monitoring features and time tracking tools.

Using a time tracking app to keep a check on freelancers is actually a very smart move. It is therefore a perfect way to make sure that the workers are putting their utmost efforts in the jobs that are assigned to them. It also guarantees that if they are fully enthusiastic about their jobs in the hours they’re billing at the end of the day.

 You may utilise the same features as if they were full-time staff, and you can cancel their account once the project is completed. All they have to do is log into our agent and start/stop the timer as they work.

The following are some of the apploye’s extra features that you may take advantage of!

Participation and Timescale

Keep track of when your employees sign in and out. You can quickly assess their level of commitment to the task at hand. It is also easy to measure when they take breaks, and how much time they actually worked during their due time.

The amazing feature of calculating time and attendance can determine the degree of your staff’s devotion.

Examine the Workflow of the Team

Time tracking app is far more than just a recording means of the start and close of the workday. you can avail a lot more than that from apploye.

you can always keep track of all the meetings accordingly while using this app. You can also ensure that the project assignments, and customer feedback sessions take place in the meantime.

Identify the gaps in working shifts

You will be able to examine all your team’s operations and also the areas that need improvement. The employees, for example, should have completed the task in an hour, but it took them three.

What was the reason for the delay?

 What’s holding them up, and can you help them out with some more resources to speed things up?

All of these queries can be solved by using apploye time tracking.

Peek at the activity statistics

Our time tracking app includes indicators. These meters convert task timelines into visual data which is easier to grasp. How long did it take to finish the assignment, and how did they spend that time?

This time tracking software, can also help you track the distractions of the employees that are caused by social media. Though there are lots of benefits of social media platforms like these helps in community building, marketing, lead generation, etc.

For instance, you spend the first half-hour updating your website’s front page and the next hour video chatting with a client. All these analytics are measurable. With these metrics, you can always make the most out of your in-house resources

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