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How Instagram & Facebook Public Video Views Counter Affects You:

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If you’ve recently watched a video on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed that it displays the number of views beneath the video. 

Not only will the person or Page who shared the video be able to view this, go to the website but so will everyone else. Your video’s amount of views is now public knowledge.

At first glance, one could think, “So what, does that really matter?” It does matter quite a bit—the social proof aspect alone can influence how viewers see the film.

To begin, video views will be publicly disclosed only if the video itself is public. This is valid for personal profiles as well as Pages.

Second, auto-play views count the same as views when the user selected to play or enable sound. 

They’re all the same. However, video views are only recorded if visitors watch for three seconds or more. 

Because it only takes a fraction of a second to swipe past your video, practically everybody who waits long enough to read the video description could be counted as a view (this works in your favor). 

This is not always the same standard as counting video views in Facebook or Instagram ads.

The Impact of the Public Video View Counter on You:

If you’re using Facebook and Instagram insights, which you should be, you’ll already have a lot of data on how many people are watching your videos and how they’re interacting with them. 

The public number, which tells you nothing more than the number of watchers, is something you already have. However, it is new knowledge to your fans.

The social proof provided by the video view counter is enormous. As you navigate through Instagram, you notice a video with 60,000 views. 

You’ll want to find out why. Social proof is an amazing occurrence in which public participation or contact from other users can make someone else more ready to listen to what you have to say.

The opposite is also true; if someone sees that your video has only two views, it may be far more destructive than having only two likes. 

That’s a bad message to give.

You should also keep an eye out for a high video view count with little participation.

Another thing that may perplex viewers, and not in a good manner. It’s not ideal if your video has 5,000 views and three likes. 

Examine which types of videos are generating the most views and engagement, and employ engagement-boosting strategies to increase both at the same time.

How to Get More Video Views:

Views on videos are important for social proof as well as for spreading our content and message to a larger audience. 

If you can get more people to watch your video for three seconds, both the video count and the viewers’ knowledge with your brand rise, thus using tactics to increase views is critical.

Because we’re subconsciously reading as we move through social feeds, the video’s description can sometimes pique viewer interest just as much as the video itself. 

Creating an attention-grabbing, interest-evoking description will significantly improve the number of viewers. 

As much as I despise clickbait for blog posts, I’ll admit that I’ve utilized some of those methods to increase video views on social media.

It is also beneficial to concentrate on engagement-boosting methods, such as inviting visitors to contribute their comments at the end of the video. 

Increased engagement indicates that the video will rank better in the algorithms, resulting in more views. 

Live videos, particularly when generated through Facebook Live, are also extremely effective at garnering more engagement at views for this reason.

Final Thoughts:

The public video view counter can influence how your followers feel others see your material; in today’s social-driven environment, this can account for a lot. 

Using the tactics mentioned in this piece, you will be able to boost video views, which will provide you with several benefits, including the social proof of a large viewer count. 

Using the tactics mentioned in this piece, you will be able to boost video views, which will provide you with several benefits, including the social proof of a large viewer count.

In many circumstances, this will help you get traction on both Facebook and Instagram, propelling you higher up the algorithms and resulting in more views and engagement.

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