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Healthland Centriq EHR Review

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Healthland Centriq EHR is a highly secure, reliable electronic health record (EHR) that helps physicians, administrators, and patients keep their records safe. It was designed with smaller practices and populations in mind. It is compliant with HIPAA regulations and offers features like email and remote support, online case submission, and security auditing.


Healthland EHR is one of the most prominent providers of electronic health records (EHRs) for rural hospitals. It serves more than 500 clients across the country. It offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that aim to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery. Its EHR system is designed with specialty-specific workflows in mind. It also offers a wide range of features that help doctors manage a successful medical practice.

Healthland Centriq EHR is a highly flexible hosted application. It is well suited for clinics. However, one problem it faces is that it does not have a seamless connection to an industry-standard faxing solution. In addition, healthcare document management and security has become more complicated due to HIPAA regulations and widespread adoption of EMR/EHR software.


The Healthland EHR features a host of customizable tools for the medical practice. The platform is praised by users for its flexible and customizable dashboard functionality. This allows users to place features where they need them most, while making everything easier to find. Besides, the EHR allows users to customize their settings, ensuring that everything is as convenient as possible.

The Healthland Centriq EHR’s features include patient-centered services, including e-prescribing, lab integration, and document management. Moreover, its patient portal enables secure communication with patients.


Healthland, a healthcare information technology company, has developed and implemented certified EHR systems for rural hospitals. Healthland’s implementation has played a significant role in helping rural hospitals realize the benefits of using an EHR. The company offers a comprehensive inpatient EHR solution with ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification and Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements. It also offers incentive payments to rural hospitals.

EHR implementation requires a multidisciplinary approach. It involves designing workflows, ensuring data privacy, and training the care team. Though it may seem complex, a thoughtful approach can help the practice transition to the new system and benefit both staff and patients. It’s helpful to include clinical members on the implementation team so that they can teach their colleagues how to use the EHR. In addition, they can bring up any clinical issues that may arise from using the system. You can also look for best notes ehr.

Cost per physician per month

In the early days, an EHR system can cost an average of $1,500 per physician per month. This cost is split among the EHR vendor, IT department, support, and training. For solo practices, the costs are higher. But after two to three years, a practice can expect to cover the costs. During that time, an EHR solution can save a practice more than $23,000 per year in net benefits.

Healthland offers a wide range of solutions for electronic health records. Its Centriq EHR program, for example, provides integrated financial management, pharmacy management, and eMAR. This system also allows for easy communication between health care providers and helps reduce unnecessary errors. It is easy to use, even for those with limited IT knowledge.

Customer reviews

Healthland’s Centriq EHR features a comprehensive set of capabilities aimed at increasing practice efficiency and improving quality of care. It has been developed with specialty-specific workflows in mind, and it provides medical practices with tools and resources needed to operate a successful practice. Customers have praised its ease of use and availability of training materials.

Reviewers have praised the EHR’s automatic and computerized features, which help reduce paperwork time and eliminate mistakes. The software also allows users to customize the layout and placement of features to make their lives easier.

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