Floor cleaning and vacuuming Floor


Cleaning must be carried out according to their type and surface area.

In offices, manual floor cleaning is much more preferred. For its realization the cleaners use cleaning trolleys and a professional vacuum cleaner. For other types of floors, such as tiles, parquet, etc., you must sweep with a broom or vacuum cleaner before washing with a mop and detergent.

The common areas of the offices

The common areas of offices are very busy places, where staff, customers and visitors to the company circulate. These places can be corridors, reception halls, places of passage, meeting rooms, etc.

The maintenance of the common areas is particularly important, since they are representative of the image of the company.

Generally, they are cleaned as follows:

Floor cleaning by dry or wet sweeping, vacuuming and washing;

Dusting and washing furniture with wipes or a cloth soaked in detergent; 

Window cleaning;

Dusting of light fixtures; 

Cleaning ceiling corners to remove dust and cobwebs;

Cleaning baseboards with a damp mop.

Hand contact locations are frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, stair railings, elevator buttons, door handles, etc. These contact points are touched by a large number of people (employees of the company and visitors). As a result, they generally carry bacteria and microbes and can therefore contribute to the spread of viruses and diseases within the company.

For this reason, these surfaces need to be disinfected daily,

Using disinfectant wipes or a detergent-disinfectant. Note that before any type of cleaning, it is imperative to wear the necessary PPE in order to avoid the risks associated with solvents.

Why is office cleaning so important?

In a company, the maintenance and Rengøringshjælp of offices is important on several levels, such as: The cleanliness of the premises contributes particularly to the development of the image of the company, both with its customers and suppliers and with its employees and the public if it receives them. Well-maintained premises build confidence in the business and its products or services.

Regular cleaning of the premises eliminates bacteria and viruses responsible for illnesses. This concerns not only the hygiene of sanitary facilities, but also the maintenance and disinfection of surfaces and the renewal of air in offices. Cleanliness is an essential element in the workplace. It contributes to the feeling of well-being at work and increases staff comfort. Indeed, a tidy and clean workspace allows you to better concentrate on your work and therefore contributes to increasing the productivity of employees.

The respect of environment

The collection and selective sorting of waste are key elements in the context of a CSR policy. Opting for selective sorting makes it possible to be part of a responsible and sustainable approach, which shows that the company is concerned about its impact on the environment.

Thanks to its expertise of more than 30 years in the field of cleaning, RMO Cleaning is committed to providing you with complete services, by putting in place the best operators and cleaning agents, trained and equipped with the know-how, PPE and materials necessary for carrying out cleaning work and interventions in your company, in complete safety and whatever your activity.

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