Fire Stick Will Not Turn On How Do I Fix It? 2022


It’s not unusual to Fire Stick users to encounter issues where the Fire Stick won’t turn on. While the streaming device is a great alternative to home entertainment system, it could have issues occasionally due to many reasons.

If your Amazon Fire Stick not turning on , first attempt to disconnect the device from its power source and then reconnect it after at minimum 60 minutes. If this fails to switch off Fire TV, you should ensure that you’ve selected the right source (HDMI source) on your TV. It must match the HDMI port that is connected directly to Fire TV.

Issues such as Firestick not working are more frequent than you might think. There are many troubleshooting strategies that you can employ to solve the problem quickly.

Fire Stick Will Not Turn On How Do I Fix It?

There are many troubleshooting strategies that you could try to solve the issue with Firestick to not turn on. Be sure to follow the steps one at a time trying each technique before proceeding to the next.

Replace Batteries On Fire TV Remote

An issue with the battery of the fire Stick remote could cause it to fail. It is possible to press the buttons on your remote as many times as you wish however, you Fire TV remote won’t do any action if the levels of the battery are low. Sometimes, people don’t think about this issue and think they are in a state of sleep. Fire Stick device has been put into a perpetual sleep mode.

You can solve your “Fire TV is not turning on” issue by making sure that the TV remote is equipped with enough battery power. Make sure to replace the batteries promptly when the remote continues not respond.

Use the original power Adapter

A damaged power adapter may cause your Firestick not being able to turn on. In order to ensure you have the correct power adapter is connected in the correct way, you can determine if there are any power adapter related problems. Also, make sure that you’re using the original power adapter that came in the in the box together with the Fire TV Stick, not an adapter from a third party.

Unplug Power Cord

To fix the issue, allow the Fire TV Stick to cool down by unplugging its power cord. This is the proper way to disconnect the power cord of the Fire TV and fix the problem:

  1. Remove the power supply
  2. Take the cord out of the adapter
  3. Give it a cooling down time of 30 seconds
  4. Connect the adapter to the cord and plug it back in.
  5. On your TV, turn on the TV, and Fire Stick.

Verify the HDMI Source On Your TV

Sometimes, your Firestick will not turn on because you’ve missed one of the most fundamental indicators, i.e., checking the HDMI source and choosing the appropriate source. Your TV remote comes with an option for source which lets you switch between multiple HDMI ports as well as the devices that are connected to them.
You must verify the input of your TV and make sure it is the HDMI port that is connected with your Fire Stick corresponds to the one that you have selected for your television (like HDMI 1 or HDMI 2). It is possible to check the rear of your TVto determine which HDMI port number that is connected directly to your Fire TV, and then select the exact source.

Utilizing High-Speed HDMI Cable

Let’s say you’re using an Fire TV Stick that supports 4K resolution. Your TV supports the same. In this case it is essential to make sure that you’re using an suitable HDMI cable that is capable of transmitting high-quality video resolution.
Additionally, make sure that you plug an HDMI to your HDMI HDCP 2.2 connection on the television. The ports with high speed are typically identified as with 4K, and HDCP 2.2. It is possible to illuminate the port in order to confirm.

Plug the Fire Stick Directly into the HDMI Port on your TV.

The Fire TV Stick comes with a small extender that plugs in the HDMI port of your TV. Then, it is connected to the TV. The fire Stick connects to the HDMI port on the extender. It connects directly to the power adapter. If you encounter a problem such as Fire Stick won’t turn on it is possible to take the extender off and plug in the Fire Stick unit directly into the HDMI port on your TV. Sometimes, the extender could be the issue which you could rule out the issue by taking it off.

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