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What Are The Best Image Extraction Tools And How They Can Help Students?


There are many Extraction Tools used nowadays for different purpose. The majority of data is shared over the internet in the age of technology and the internet. Sending or receiving various forms of data in picture format has become commonplace. Have you ever discovered errors in data that was printed on an image?

You might want to change the language and make corrections if you are working with sensitive or significant material. Doing it without heavy-duty editing tools installed on your smartphone is almost as crucial. It is now possible to remove those errors from the text using an online pic to text converter by cardscanner.co.

In this article, we will talk about the best image text extractors that help students.

Let’s get started!

Photo Scan:

You can download the free Windows OCR program Photo Scan from the Microsoft Store. The OCR scanner and QR code reader are combined in this software by Define Studios.

Send the app a printout of a file or a picture. You can also offer your computer a picture to look at by using the webcam. Photo Scan does not support PDF files, unlike several other utilities in this article.

A pic to text converter is also helpful in making easy your routine tasks by converting them into text form. The highlight is to scan text from image. When you click the speaker icon, the program will read what it has just scanned out loud.

Although printed text recognition wasn’t perfect, it was adequate for handwritten text. Once everything is finished, you can save the OCR text in a variety of forms, including Text, HTML, Rich Text, XML, and Log format, among others.

OCR Using Microsoft OneNote:

Microsoft OneNote features sophisticated OCR capabilities that can read handwritten notes as well as images.

  • Drag a saved photo or a scanned document into OneNote. OneNote also allows you to include clipped portions of the screen or images.
  • Copy Text from Picture by doing a right-click on the inserted image. 
  • You can now paste the optically detected text that you copied back into OneNote or any other application, such as Word or Notepad, using the clipboard.

Be aware that the OCR’s accuracy is also influenced by the photo’s quality. Because of this, OneNote and other OCR programs on the market still have some difficulty optically recognizing handwriting. But with the use of pic to text converter, it is easy to make images into easy text. Nevertheless, it is an essential aspect of OneNote that you ought to make use of whenever possible.


SimpleOCR could have resolved the issue that was having with Microsoft tools’ handwriting recognition. But only a 14-day free trial of the program is available for handwriting recognition. T

hough it has no limitations, machine print recognition. You can still test out the software because of its simplicity even though it is clumsy and appears to be outdated because it hasn’t been updated since version 3.1. Configure it to read directly from a scanner or add a page (JPG, TIFF, BMP formats).

With the use of its text selection, image selection, and text ignore functions, SimpleOCR gives users some control over the conversion. The procedure enters a validation stage after conversion to text when errors in the converted text can be fixed using an integrated spell-checker.

But with the help of pic to text converter you can convert your data consisting of images into text without any error. You can save the transformed file in either DOC or TXT format.

Final Words:

Well, it has been easy to complete your work by turning your images into readable text using images-to-text. It strongly helps students to fulfill their assignments and etc. 

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