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What to Expect from Custom Lip Balm Packaging Boxes


If you have chosen to make your own lip balm to sell or give away to friends and family, then you’ll need to figure out what custom lip balm packaging boxes you should use as packaging for your product. You can buy generic packaging wholesale at most major retailers. But if you want something a little more personal and unique, then you’ll want to go the custom route and have custom boxes made specifically for your product. Here are some of the things that you can expect from this type of packaging solution.

Why you need the right lip balm packaging box

Before choosing a lip balm packaging box, take a few moments to consider what you will be using it for. Custom lipstick packaging and custom lip balm boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Take into account the type of product you will be placing inside the container, your budget, and which way your customers typically hold their items when shopping or filling orders at events. Ultimately the right lip balm packaging will present your product truly.

Which choice is better; Cardboard or Plastic for Your Custom Lip Balm Packaging Box?

Fancy packing is a trend that everyone loves! There are lots of ways to customize your lip balm packaging. Some people think cardboard makes the most economical, recyclable packaging. Others choose a plastic packaging box because it protects the product better and is more economical than custom lip balm boxes or customized lipsticks.

A combination of both cardboard and plastic can also be used for custom lip balm packaging. But be aware that this will not be the cheapest way to go. Custom lipstick packaging offers maximum protection for your products. However, using plastics will allow you greater versatility when ordering smaller quantities in colors other than white or black and when purchasing new designs in bulk quantities.

Design of your packaging

When deciding on what type of design will best suit your business, it is important to think about the customers who will be buying your products and how they will interact with the container itself. Consider what color schemes or designs might catch their eye and make it memorable enough that they remember who made it in the future. Think about which shapes or textures would appeal to them. It is also important to consider if the customer has any allergies when picking a material for your package.


For example, if someone does not like latex or metal, then using those materials as part of your packaging wouldn’t be beneficial because they will most likely return it due to the discomfort. In this case, paperboard would be a better choice as well as using plastic for closures rather than metal so that customers can avoid possible allergic reactions to these substances

The factors affecting the cost of custom-made lip balm packaging boxes

The cost of the custom lip balm packaging boxes will depend on a number of factors, including type and size, printing methods, and decoration, among others. As such, you should consider what you are looking for before contacting a company. Printing methods can also make a big difference in price as more expensive methods like offset printing can cost more than $500 depending on the number of units ordered. On the other hand, some cheaper production processes like screen printing may only add an additional $10 to the final price. So which process is right for your project? It all depends on what you are looking for in your packaging design.

Sustainability of the packaging

There are many different ways you can add to your custom design, but it’s important that the material of the boxes should be sustainable and eco-friendly. For example, some plastic materials contain PVC which has been found to be carcinogenic. So it’s better just to avoid those altogether. The best options for materials include paper board, vinyl, corrugated paperboard, or aluminum. These all have their benefits and downfalls depending on what you’re looking for. With these materials, there’s less chance of having any chemicals leaching into your products while they’re sitting on the shelf.

How does the right packaging matter?

A company is selling its wares in only one way if it doesn’t provide the right custom lipstick packaging. If you think about it, it’s really difficult for customers to buy a product without a box. Since there are many companies that sell things like pet food in boxes, as well as children’s toys. People want their products in some sort of protective wrapping or package. But they want it also to be attractive on the shelves at the same time. Buying lipstick has become an easier process because of its packages. You can see what color it is by looking at its wrappings.

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Things to consider:

As we all know, consumers are often influenced by product packaging. To make sure your custom lip balm packaging boxes maximize the selling potential of your products, here are some considerations you should make:

  • Shapes of the lip balm packaging boxes
  • The material of the lip balm packaging boxes
  • Filling features
  • Label features
  • Packaging features (window, flip-top, magnetic latch)
  • Size and dimensions
  • Custom shapes and artwork.
  • Printing on any surface or leaving it as is
  • Special effects like foiling and embossing


The lip balm is a best-selling item, as it can moisturize and heal the skin. People usually give them as gifts. Business owners want to use the container in order to make their customers feel special while using their product. If your container looks great, you will be able to attract more customers who love how it feels when they receive it.

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