10 Disadvantages of Smoking and Health Problems Caused by Smoking

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Smoking Tobacco is becoming a cultural thing in the young population. They think it’s a great way to express themselves. But stop, you may not be familiar with the Disadvantages of Smoking Tobacco; then you are in grave danger. Smoking is the primary cause of death around the world. So your cool-looking habit may sentence you to death. Let’s look at the significant disadvantages of smoking tobacco; these readings may force you to quit smoking and save you from diseases caused by smoking you have been unaware of till now.

Here are 10 disadvantages of smoking you should know about

 Now take a look at a list of 10 health risks of smoking tobacco that occurs due to smoking; please read and decide wisely upon your smoking habit.

1. Damaged Lungs

     One of the disadvantages of smoking is damaged lungs. Constant smoking is hazardous for your lungs. Nicotine found in cigarettes damages your lungs and leads to asthma and shortness of breath. In most cases of continuous smoking, it leads to lung cancer. So quitting before it’s too late is best for you.

2. Heart Disease

 Smoking increases the plaque inside your blood vessels, decreases the blood flow to the heart, and significantly deteriorates heart health. A person addicted to smoking has higher chances of getting a heart attack, stroke than a person with a normal lifestyle who doesn’t smoke. Furthermore, chest pain and blood clots also become a common problem for the smoker population.


3. Pregnancy Complications

Women who love to smoke have grave danger from smoking. These disadvantages of smoking tobacco are affecting your complete pregnancy cycle. Smoking increases the risk of nerve damage, brain damage, and lung damage and increases the risk of infant death. So avoiding smoking tobacco during pregnancy is needed for the safety of your baby.

4. Infertility in Men

Smoking not just affects women’s fertility; it also affects Men. As more cigarettes, a man smokes, the risk of becoming infertile increases. Smoking decreases sperm quality and quantity in men and Also increases erectile dysfunction in men. That’s why smoking is considered one of The Major Causes of premature ejaculation and Male Infertility, and Avoiding it might save you from embarrassment in the bedroom and in Life.

5. Weak Immune System 

    A weak immune system is a gift you get from smoking. Although you may not notice it directly, damaged lungs and blocked blood vessels will decrease your ability to process oxygen in your body. That left you with a poor immune system.

6. Poor Eyesight is One of the Disadvantages of Smoking

One of the disadvantages of smoking is poor eyesight, leading to cataracts, dry eyes, and glaucoma. This disease is caused by smoking early age macular degeneration.  

7. Skin and Hair Problems

Lung and heart damage are not only disadvantages of smoking, but it also affects your skin and hair. Smoking may increase the premature ageing of the body and leaves you with wrinkled and old looking skin and with a high risk of skin cancer in your lips. Also, Not to mention the smell of smoke coming from your skin. Smoking Also increases hair fall.

8. Dipleating Oral Health

     Smoking not just increases lung damage it also creates poor oral hygiene. That increases the chances of oral diseases in your body. A smoking person has twice the risk of getting oral diseases compared to an average person. Loosen teeth; gum bleeding also occurs because of poor oral hygiene due to smoking. 

9. Risk of Cancer

  You know the other disadvantages of smoking, but cancer is the biggest problem you face due to smoking. Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer due to smoking, and 90% of the affected population has some smoking habits. Mouth cancer, bladder cancer are other common cancer types that show up in the smoking population.

10. Diabetes

   People who constantly smoke are more likely to be associated with type 2 diabetes. Even if you have diabetes and do not control the habit of smoking, it will make managing your diabetes even harder for your doctor.

Bottom Line 

I have listed significant Disadvantages of smoking in the above list. But this is for you to stop this damaging habit. Quitting smoking tobacco at once might not be possible without professional help, but determination and the right advice will surely help you prevent this habit once and for all.

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