What Does It Cost To Create An Android App?

What Does It Cost To Create An Android App?


We live in an era of smart technology, which makes the cost to create an android mobile app development one of the most profitable ventures. Anyone interested in entering the mobile app development industry must first determine “which platform should I target first.”

In the case of our Custom Android App Development Services, they have the freedom and privilege to pursue development across multiple platforms at the same time. However, startups and mid-sized businesses must select a platform to develop an app.

The terms “Android” or “Google” may appear at least once a day, if not more. This is the pinnacle of its allure.

The fact that there were 3.29 million mobile applications available on the Google Play Store in total during the first quarter of 2022 adds to the data’s intrigue. Not to mention that the number is expected to reach 4.67 million by the end of 2021 due to the dramatic increase in Android app users.

As more digital businesses migrate to Android app development, there are already over 130 million active Android app users in the United States alone.

Why Do Companies Choose to Create Android Apps?

According to the statistics, a well-designed and developed app will most likely be the most important tool for a business in 2022. A business application is a great way to gain quick popularity, a large user base, and foster trust and authenticity. Aside from that, why would a company want to create an Android app? Let’s look into it.

1- A large customer base

You’re probably aware of how popular the Android platform is. The fact that over 130 billion Android app downloads are expected in 2022 validates its fame. According to Statista, users will download 187 billion apps from the Google Play Store by 2025.

As a result, your software will have a higher ROI and will benefit from exposure to a million users as a business. A program with a diverse user base, such as WhatsApp, may be more expensive than other apps.

2- Extremely cost-effective

It is a well-known fact that Android is less expensive than Apple, so it stands to reason that this trait influences the development cost to create an android. Android applications are cheap because they only require a one-time $25 registration fee.

After registering, developers can create and test software on their own devices, which saves money. When it comes to Apple, the cost to create an android is around $99 per year. Android is an open-source operating system as well. Android app developers who use the software development kit do not have to worry about licensing fees or royalties (SDK).

3-. Simple Integration

The Android platform allows for internal app integration as well as efficient customization that meets the needs of the business by providing the right tools. Because these apps are simple to integrate with third-party APIs, development time is reduced.

4- Device Compatibility

Another advantage of creating Android applications is that they work with a wide range of consumer electronics. Because Android dominates the market, a large number of manufacturers (Samsung, One Plus, and so on) are developing products for the Android operating system. One of the primary reasons for this is that Android-powered devices and smartphones are less expensive than Apple-powered ones.

5- Extremely Customizable

Because the Play Store’s rules allow for a lot of creative freedom, Android applications can be heavily customized. The adaptable applications can be used as a standalone tool for process simplification as well as a supplement to existing systems to improve capabilities.

Their software should properly reflect your company’s vision, which can be accomplished with the assistance of Android mobile app development. Another feature that Smartphone provides is high scalability, which would be essential for any tech company or even a known business.

The Average Cost of Creating a Mobile App

If you want to create a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS, you should expect to spend more than $10,000. According to our experience, discussing the mobile app design cost to create an android in terms of complexity is the most effective way. Our classification is as follows:

The Future Of Mobile App Development

Final Thoughts 

Cubix is a dependable Android app development company that guarantees scalability and expertise in all aspects of successful Android app development. Our Android app development services include everything from consultation to UI/UX design, software testing, and multi-platform deployment.

After our client approves a rough estimate, we create a detailed development cost to create an android breakdown structure document that states the scope of work requirements, creates a framework, and prepares all other project-related documentation.

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