Age Verification: Protect Minors From Using Age-Restricted Products


Children’s access to age-restricted products and services has become simpler due to the technological revolution. Minors utilize their parents’ information to register with adult sites. Traditional age checks, such as checking boxes and completing puzzles, are simple tasks for today’s youngsters. As a result, businesses such as tobacco, social networking, liquor, gambling, e-commerce, and dating are finding it difficult to conduct proper age verification.

Traditional customer validation processes are therefore no longer effective because they are prone to a number of flaws that favor minors. Given this, regulatory agencies are putting severe laws in place for age-restricted platforms to safeguard youngsters. As a result, businesses need robust online age verification systems that go beyond checkboxes prior to consumer onboarding.

4 Main Benefits of Online Age Verification 

Minors can now access gaming platforms so easily because of the digital revolution. They gamble without the permission of their elders. Global regulatory organizations are concerned about this. To prevent kids from becoming victims of gaming fraud, internet platforms must use effective age verification measures. Furthermore, minors can easily avoid manual techniques such as entering their date of birth. They can easily enter false information and submit documents from elders as evidence.

This is why gaming platforms require more than simple standard methods of age verification. They can better handle minor-based dangers with strong AI-driven solutions. They enable liveness detection and recognition based on selfies in real time. This helps e-gaming platforms in ensuring that the player behind the screen is of legal age. Below are some advantages of online age verification:

  1. Combating Fraud 

​​As the gaming industry shifts online, minor identity theft is on the rise. People who were previously limited to playing only certain games because of their age can now access any genre by creating a false profile and avoiding age checks. Even worse, this increases the possibility of children falling prey to digital manipulation. When it comes to gambling, there is a possibility that they will associate with criminal gangs, endure extortion, or lose money.

Given these circumstances, age verification solutions are absolutely essential for e-gaming platforms. Whereas scammers wait to exploit underage gamers, internet solutions assist in preventing their access in the first place. Finally, online gaming sites can not only prevent fraudulent activity but also safeguard kids from potentially dangerous effects.

  1. Social Responsibility 

Every industry has social responsibilities as countries turn more and more into global villages. Similar to this, gaming platforms have a responsibility to protect kids from cyberbullying. This is challenging, though, because of the methods used to verify age of a person. Checking boxes and answering mathematical tasks is significantly simpler for today’s minors. This allows them to simply avoid the age verification online methods.

As a result, online gaming providers must implement stronger and more effective measures to limit minors’ access. AI-powered age verification systems provide powerful checks that identify gamers from behind the screen. Finally, e-gaming sites can fulfil a social duty while still adhering to regulatory criteria.

  1. Safeguarding Children from Exploitation

Minors impersonate adults in order to avoid online age verification checks and onboard gaming platforms. But they don’t know who’s on the other end of the line. They might unknowingly engage in criminal activity if a fraudster contacts them. Online betting, e-sports, and virtual reality are just a few of the services the gaming industry has provided to players since the digital revolution.

Kids are increasingly drawn to these traits. However, scammers are always on the lookout for underage gamers. They are not permitted to board restricted and adult gaming platforms without the authorization of an adult. As a result, the gaming industry requires comprehensive age verification systems to ensure that gamers are secure in the digital world.

  1. Better Adherence to Regulations

Age verification policies have become more stringent ever since the gambling industry started providing virtual assistance. Regulatory agencies closely monitor internet platforms to ensure that children are not using them. In the case of ineffective checks, the gaming site will be fined for noncompliance.

As a result, online age verification provides a powerful solution for gaming platforms to detect minors and restrict their access. Regulations such as COPPA require internet services to legitimately authenticate gamers before marketing. Therefore, the AI-powered age verification system is the preferred option in the gaming sector.


Minors now have better access to gaming platforms due to rapid digitalization. However, they are having unintended consequences, like increasing susceptibility to internet manipulation. As a result, online platforms must include age verification methods to prevent minors from accessing them. The AI-powered tools expedite the process by performing multiple identification checks. Only effective age verification online solutions can protect underage gamers from fraudsters in the digital world.

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