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A Quick Guide on Online MBA in Tourism Management 


Tour and travel industry is amongst the most popular and fastest growing in the world because this sector attracts huge revenue for the development and economy of the country. People used to travel far and wide from one location or country to another. Thanks to globalization as it infused more speed into the growth of this industry. That’s why the MBA course in Tourism management is becoming popular.

Tourism Management is one of the best and highly rated programs chosen by students in online mode too. The basic eligibility for getting admission to this course is a bachelor’s degree with 55% marks in aggregate with BBA in Tourism management or equivalent degree. Online MBAs provide more flexibility in pursuing management skills in tours and travels. 

Candidates before choosing their college of online MBA should compare it on a compare portal. There are many available on the web. College Vidya is one of them that offers intuitive features to choose the right university at an affordable fee with UGC accreditation. 

Here, we will guide you about the Tourism Management course, its eligibility and career opportunities in a short and quick format. So, let’s started:

About Tourism Management Course

Online MBA in Tourism Management is one of the best programs to pursue after completing your bachelor’s degree. The course prepares the students for various career opportunities with many skills like tourism products, its services, principles of tourism and hotel industry, tourism planning, cargo management etc. 

It’s a two-year PG degree program that helps you gain valuable insights related to travel and tourism that will make you a travel professional. After completing the course, you can hold various positions like Tourism manager, tourism Executive, Tourist Guide, Tour Hospitality Service Executive and so on. 

Eligibility for Pursuing a Course in Tourism Management 

The eligibility criteria are a must for choosing a course or while taking admission. If you want to take admission to the online MBA in Tourism Management course, we will help you getting the eligibility criteria with these steps:

  • First of all, candidates should have passed a bachelor’s degree with at least 55% marks in aggregate in the bachelor’s degree examination.
  • Candidates having BBA in Tourism Management will be given preference. 
  • They must have passed the BBA or equivalent examination from a UGC-approved university. 
  • Candidates must need to appear for the MBA entrance test which is CAT, MAT, GMAT etc. The entrance test may vary from one college or university to another. It’s a competitive entrance test that candidates need to clear.
  • Students should read the entire admission brochure first before submitting the online application form. 

Course Curriculum of Tourism Management

The online MBA in Tourism Management is one of the best courses to pursue that is very popular amongst students or management. The course is almost the same as the regular degree program provided by various institutions. 

In the course of Tourism Management, students learn various topics like Tourism and Hotel Business, managerial communication, Travel, Management, Tour planning, cargo management, hospitality in Tourism, disciplines in Tourism methodologies etc. 

Students need to cover a total of 4 semesters in all in two years of a degree course. They need to submit projects and assignments in virtual mode. 

Career Opportunities in Tourism Management

Candidates for Tourism Management can easily hold top positions in the Tourism sector. There are many job opportunities in this field. Some of them are provided below:

  • Event manager
  • Tourism Planner
  • Tourism Manager
  • F&B Manager
  • Resort and Resort Manager
  • Global Development Manager


An MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Tourism Management is a graduate degree program that focuses on the business and management aspects of the tourism industry. The program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, including its trends, challenges, and opportunities.

The curriculum of an MBA in Tourism Management program usually covers a wide range of subjects, including hospitality management, tourism marketing, event management, sustainable tourism, destination management, and more. Students are also introduced to important business concepts, such as financial management, human resource management, and strategic management, which are crucial for success in the tourism industry.

In addition to coursework, many MBA in Tourism Management programs also include hands-on experience through internships or field trips, allowing students to apply what they have learned in real-world settings.

Graduates with an MBA in Tourism Management are well-equipped for a variety of careers in the industry, such as tourism management, destination management, hospitality management, event management, and more. With a growing demand for travel and tourism globally, there is a high demand for professionals with the skills and knowledge gained from an MBA in Tourism Management.

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