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A Complete Guide To Free Website Builders | Comparing The Best Ones


Can you create a website in just 30 minutes? And without even hiring a developer? The answer is yes! If you are the owner of a small business or startup. The free website builders are the perfect solution for you. However, Finding an ideal website builder can sometimes take time for beginners. 

Now the question arises which website builder is the best? This totally varies by your needs. And the type of services or products you are offering. Obviously, website builders are not as unique as customized web design. Additionally, their goal is to provide cheaper and alternative business solutions. Website builders provide you with templates where you can provide various things about your business. Like logo designs, company slogans, colour themes, etc.

9 Best Website Builders

This article will go through the finest free website builders available, their benefits and drawbacks, and which is suitable for your business. But first, read the next section to see if a web builder is what you need.


Wix is gradually becoming the go-to brand for making small websites as one of the most popular free website builders. Although their paid choices offer far more flexibility in what you can accomplish, the free option is still rather generous.

The free plan provides 500MB of storage and bandwidth, which is more than enough for basic websites. However, the real disadvantage is the forced advertisement, which is a modest price to pay for a live site that is free forever.

Wix also has an editor that is easy to use. Firstly, they have an onboarding system that can recommend themes or even produce an automated ADI template. In addition, this is a time-saver for folks who value speed and turnaround. But it’s also a good place to start because you may later tweak certain features of the site.


  • All templates are easily editable.
  • User-friendly. 
  • Good security. 
  • ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).


  • The template of your site cannot be changed once it has been published.
  • You have to upgrade to avoid ads.


Some free website builders aim to entice customers with additional customising tools, but Webnode takes a different approach: faster, simpler web design. While you cannot develop complex websites for free, you can create simple ones in minutes, which are ideal for temporary, one-time web pages for events such as weddings.

Webnode’s design options are, as expected, limited. That’s not to say the sites don’t look nice, but the user has few modification options. Additionally, Webnode free sites are more cookie-cutter than those made with other free web builders. Moreover, the free edition also has limited storage, making it ideal for small sites.


  • Not many ads.
  • Easy and quick.


  • Limited customization.
  • Low storage.


Weebly is an easy-to-use website builder for small companies. It’s ideal for retailers looking to expand and sell online through an internet store. You may effortlessly combine your physical store payments and accounting system with the website as a Square brand. Furthermore, Weebly even allows you to offer in-store pickup to your consumers.

Weebly distinguishes itself from the competition by offering efficient, elegant, and results-driven online storefronts. Moreover, the pages are completely customisable, and numerous design possibilities are available.

You will also receive free inventory management tools. Most importantly, Weebly has SEO optimization tools that can help you enhance your Google search rankings. Furthermore, you can also create dedicated landing pages and forms for lead capture. Weebly offers a good set of tools for an online store that is part of a free website builder.


  • Effective SEO tools.
  • Their chat and email support.
  • More customization options.
  • Easy to use.


  • You are restricted to using only a few designs.
  • Forced ads in the basic plan.


WordPress contains all the functionality you’ll need to operate a great blog in one easy-to-use package. For instance, simply choose a website theme from the hundreds of available templates and construct your site to look exactly the way you want it to.

With WordPress, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can accomplish with your blog. Furthermore, it’s extremely configurable thanks to the dizzying amount of themes, plugins, features, and tools at your disposal.

All you have to do is create a WordPress account and start blogging for free. In fact, on WordPress.com’s free plan, you may use one of the dozens of themes, have an SSL certificate preinstalled, and take advantage of the vital features of Jetpack, a plugin that aids in security and SEO efforts.

WordPress.com’s subscription plans include benefits such as a free one-year domain name, increased flexibility, and eCommerce options such as receiving money on your site. These begin at $4 per month. However, you can begin for free and build to your heart’s content until you come into any roadblocks to your progress. Furthermore, if you want to get a simple site up and running rapidly, WordPress.com is the ideal option.


  • Gives you complete control.
  • Thousands of pre-made templates.
  • You can access thousands of WordPress plugins.


  • You have to manage your website yourself.
  • You have to keep up with updates.


SITE123 lives up to its claim of being “by far the easiest website builder,” and its name is fitting. Like Webnode, it prioritises speed and convenience over customization and design options. In fact, you cannot select your own template. Instead, SITE123 selects one for you based on your responses to a preliminary survey, putting speed ahead of design.

Still, SITE123 has a lot of advantages over other free website builders. It is said to have exceptional 24/7 customer service, which is a significant plus for newcomers with questions. In keeping with their commitment to simplicity, they provide a one-click installation, a great free image library, and an onboarding assistant that will auto-generate a site for you. Although 500MB of storage is standard, infinite pages are not.


  • 24/7 customer service.
  • User-friendly. 


  • The domain name ends in .me.
  • Very little creativity.


Web.com is a pioneering and well-known website builder for small enterprises. Moreover, they provide simple website construction tools at a low cost, allowing anyone to create a website without knowing how to code.

The builder has all of the powerful elements you’d expect, such as photo galleries, movies, testimonial sliders, contact forms, map locations, social media links, and more.

You can add an unlimited number of pages to your website and change the style of each page independently. However, all their website templates are completely mobile-friendly, and you can adjust the look for different devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile phones).


  • You can talk to their website experts.
  • They also offer custom web design services.


  • Their eCommerce restricts products.
  • You will need help to change the platform.


Non-designers who use free web builders have two options: study web design on their own or stick to the templates. But what if you have a fantastic website idea but need more technical expertise to make it a reality? If this is the case, you just have one option: hire a professional site designer.

Professional designers can take your ideas and turn them into reality using their years of design experience. However, you end up with your ideal website, custom-built using the most advanced web design tools.

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