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5 Best Facebook Group Contest Ideas Proven To Drive Massive Engagement In 2022


Running challenges in your Facebook bunch is a fantastic method for supporting your gathering’s commitment.(followers on facebook) It’s likewise an extraordinary method for developing your internet-based local area and even forming an email list.In this article, I will share 6 Facebook bunch challenge thoughts you can use to encounter these advantages here

In addition, I’m likewise going to reveal insight into how a portion of the top administrators has utilized every one of these Facebook challenge thoughts in their gatherings.

What are great challenge thoughts for a Facebook bunch?

A couple of days back, I did a survey in our Facebook gathering of force administrators asking what, as per them, are some great Facebook challenge thoughts.

Furthermore, here are the outcomes.

  • Survey for Facebook bunch challenge
  • 55% of administrators trust that ‘Transfer a photograph/video’ is an extraordinary Facebook bunch challenge thought
  • 18% of administrators like to have ability shown in their Facebook gatherings
  • 10% of administrators feel the live test is an incredible Facebook challenge thought
  • 7.5% of administrators want to have live cooking/wellness challenges in their gatherings
  • 4.5% of administrators trust that inscription it and composing a joke is an incredible Facebook bunch challenge thought
  • 3% of administrators like to have challenges in their gathering’s commemoration

Rundown of the best Facebook bunch challenge thoughts for 2022

  • 1. Live Quiz
  • 2. Live Cooking Contest
  • 3. Achievement Accomplishment Contest
  • 4. Ability Hunt
  • 5. Transfer a photograph/video Contest
  • 6. Upliftment and Encouragement Contests
  • 7. ‘Inscription it’ Contest

We should jump into the subtleties of everyone.

1. Live Quiz

The group of Baby Destination thought of this extraordinary idea. It assisted them with expanding their FB page commitment from several hundred to 20,000 on a solitary post.

Without a doubt, they have been utilizing it from that point onward in their Facebook gatherings.

Like KBC, Live Quiz has many pre-recorded questions, four solutions to look over, and a clock.

In their Facebook bunch, Home Remedies for Babies and Moms, the administrator posted a live test in a joint effort with Dettol. Examine the commitment (135 responses and 2K remarks)

2. Live Cooking Contest

We, as a whole, realize that live meetings draw in a ton of commitment in a Facebook bunch.

Couple that with a challenge, and you’ll be stunned to see the commitment on many posts and the energy among the individuals.

Samiksha, the administrator of Moms Magic Cooking, frequently has live cooking challenges in her gathering.

She coordinated the ‘Desh ka Gaurav’ challenge closely following Independence Day, wherein individuals went live and arranged a tricolor dish.

Eminent culinary experts decided these dishes, and the victors won energizing awards close by being called out in the gathering.

It’s an excellent chance for home bread cooks and home culinary specialists to exhibit their more

3. Achievement Accomplishment Contest

As the name tells, you can have challenges in your Facebook bunches on achieving specific achievements like your gathering hitting 20K, 50K, or 1 lac individuals.

Akansha Bansal, the administrator of Parenting Mom Style, facilitated a super giveaway as a team with brands like Mommy unadulterated, Straw fit, Bioderma, and more when her gathering arrived at 50K individuals.

Individuals needed to do this:

  • Follow the brands’ (MommyPure and StrawFit) Instagram pages
  • Label their loved ones in the remarks segment of the above FB bunch post
  • Doing this:
  • Siphoned up the fervor level in individuals as they had a potential for success to win a few astounding awards from the brands
  • Assisted brands with growing they arrive at considerably on various web-based entertainment channels
  • Assisted Akansha’s gathering with developing significantly further

A shared benefit for everybody!

4. Ability Hunt

Individuals join a Facebook bunch for three reasons: To upgrade their insight, to structure significant associations, and be recognized.

So, coordinating a Talent Hunt for your individuals is the most effective way to recognize and draw out the best in them.

Puja Dinesh Thakur, the administrator of Kids Learning with Mom, coordinated a Handwriting Challenge for youngsters wherein mothers urged their children to compose 6-7 lines and offer a similar in the gathering. Champs were called out and compensated.followers on facebook

Likewise, Puja Anand Pandey, the administrator of Mommies Schooling, coordinates weekly and month-to-month challenges for the children to make regular learning a good time for them.

I am imparting to you one of the new ones underneath.

It was a week-by-week challenge, and the subject was creatures. Puja recorded the exercises for every day of the week in the post. Given this, mamas posted their children’s entrances in the gathering ordinary.

5. Transfer a Photo/Video Contest

Sounds fascinating and plain as day, no?

It for sure is.

In another Facebook photograph challenge model, Adit Kohli, the administrator of Delhi Foodies, facilitated a quickish food challenge in his gathering as a team with Quickish. 

He urged individuals to share an image of an independent dish they love to have while voyaging, utilizing the hashtag quickish.

This is the very thing the challenge did:

  • Individuals reviewed their voyaging minutes and felt nostalgic as they were under lockdown due to the Coronavirus emergency in India
  • They had the option to glean some significant experience with new recipes from one another
  • The brand had the opportunity to extend its compass
  • Adit gets the chance to develop and draw locally even more
  • Sharing one more Facebook photograph challenge model underneath.

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