Why Metal Stamping Parts are Crucial for the Automotive Industry


Automotive companies rely on automotive metal stamping parts to build their cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you’re thinking of becoming an automotive manufacturing company or you already are one and are looking to expand your business, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll highlight 10 top-rated companies that manufacture metal stamping parts for cars and trucks in the automotive industry today.

Types of metal stampings

There are several different types of metal stampings which vary in terms of cost, function, and durability. The automotive industry relies heavily on metal stampings in their vehicles. Some examples of metal stampings include body panels, brackets, bumpers, clips, and engine parts. If you’re interested in reading more about these products or want to find a supplier near you, check out our website today!

Benefits of metal stampings

At https://yijinsolution.com/ , we manufacture a wide variety of parts including metal stampings. In fact, metal stamping is how we got our start! A number of automotive manufacturers use these types of parts in their production lines. For example, YAOCHANG produces door handles and body panels; HUIXING manufactures transmission shafts; and FUGA makes hinges and gears.

How automotive companies make use of stampings

While engine parts typically hold a premium over stampings, when it comes to sheer quantity of parts needed, stampings can significantly reduce cost while increasing productivity and quality. The automotive industry is built on metal stamped components, from frames and bodywork to underbody elements like suspension brackets. There’s even good money in used or damaged stamped parts. Many times an existing part can be repaired instead of replaced; with so many cars on our roads, that makes for an increasingly lucrative recycling market. YIJIN Hardware keeps a close eye on all these aspects of automotive metals manufacturing as we continually strive to maintain our position at number one in China’s metal stamping companies and aerospace tooling supplies manufacturer.

Materials used in metal stamping

By their very nature, metal stamping parts must be make with sturdy, durable materials. When creating stamped parts, manufacturers will opt for a combination of steel and other materials such as brass and aluminum. These are a few of the most commonly use metals in automotive metal stamping

Processes involved in making stamped parts

There are a few different processes that can be use to make stamp parts, but essentially they boil down to a few categories: cold-stamping, hot-stamping and warm-forming. Cold stamping and warm forming take place below room temperature, while hot stamping happens above. The type of metal being stamp also factors into which process is best for making certain parts. One of your automotive metal stamping companies may use laser cutting or water jet technology for some types of parts; these two methods also fall under cold-stamping as well. Overall, there’s no exact answer when it comes to how these processes work, since everyone will have unique steps based on their individual production needs.

Top advantages offered by automotive stampings suppliers

High quality, a wide range of options and reasonable prices. Customized orders mean that no matter how large or small your company is, you will get exactly what you want to keep business going strong. Everything from automotive exterior panels to car seats can be manufacture and supplied by metal stamping parts companies. YIJIN hardware, an automotive metal stamping companies based in China is one of them. YIJIN supplies customers with precision stampings all over the world: USA, Europe, China etc. We have been operating as an automotive supplier for about 25 years and we have shipped products to many other countries around the world such as Germany, Korea etc… For example, these products include shock absorbers covers & bumper accessories which are mostly make up of High Carbon Steel & other metals materials.

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