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Which is Better Between Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds?

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Choosing the best window dressing for your home decor is a confusing task to do. One of the vital yet innovative decorative elements for home decor is blinds that can give a uniform look to your home. When you go shopping, you can see hundreds of colors, designs, and patterns on the market. Roman blinds and roller blinds are the most exclusive yet popular types of blinds available in stores. 

These are the most renowned types of blinds and are the choice of many homeowners. Roman blinds are available in both traditional and contemporary layouts, while roller blinds are the most innovative and trendy option for roman blinds. If you want to know which is better between roman blinds and roller blinds, then read this guide till the very end.

What Roman Blinds Are?

Roman blinds are a versatile option because you can shop for them with different contemporary and modern layouts and patterns. These blinds are made from different fabrics, including cotton, linen, and mainly polyester. Roman blinds show pleats while they are not open, and they open straightly when down.

These blinds can add beauty to your rooms, and you can install them at any place in your home. Roman blinds are made from unlined fabric that adds privacy and insulates your home. They are more decorative yet more expensive than roller shades.

Motorized Roller Blinds In UAE

Features of Roman Blinds

Some major characteristics of roman blinds are mentioned as follows:


Roman blinds can seamlessly complement the decor of your rooms and add a sophisticated touch to them. Unlike roller shades, these blinds can be selected among an enormous variety of layouts and colors. 

With their contemporary finishes and various styles like looped, timber battens and headboards, tracks, cord locks, chain drive, and even motorization, they can spruce up your home outlook.

Light Control

These blinds allow full control over light and enhance the privacy of your rooms. This feature in roman shades is better between roman blinds and roller blinds. The fabric of these blinds is usually unlined and then attached with blackout lining. But you also have the choice of self-coated, translucent, or screen fabric available in the shops.

Thermal Regulation

As roman blinds are made from quite thick fabrics, they add an insulating layer to your rooms, which helps to regulate the temperature. They are best used in the winter as they keep the home atmosphere toasty.


It is burdensome to clean and difficult to lift roman blinds, depending on the fabric type. You can use a chain drive or motorization option to lessen the lifting weight, but it will be costly too.

Pair With Other Curtains

Roman blinds come in a range of fabrics and feature a luxurious fabric for shades. These blinds can be paired with curtains as well. Try to keep one of them simple, as if you are buying floral patterned shades, keep your curtains simple for an elegant look.

What Roller Blinds Are?

If you want to maximize the light in your room, these blinds are a clear choice. These blinds are made from single fabric material and can be rolled around the top window frame. Most roller blinds are made from aluminum, polyester, and vinyl-based materials.

Roller shades are an inexpensive window dressing solution as compared to roman blinds. But these blinds are not as versatile as roman shades. Roller shades usually come in neutral shades. Rolling these shades repeatedly for opening and closing can ripple the fabric.

Roman blinds and roller shades hold significant differences based on their appearance, durability, longevity, and many more. Let’s clarify the difference by comparing their features and seeing which is better for your home based on their practicality.

Merits Of Using Roller Blinds

The magnificent features of roller blinds.


Roller blinds are made of a single large fabric with a tube that gets rolled with the fabric. These blinds come in sleek designs and neutral shades. However, compared to roman blinds, the diversity of layouts is limited to an extent, and they better suit the window frame of your room.

Classic Motorized Roller Blinds

Light Control

These blinds offer complete or partial control over light because they cannot cover your windows like roman blinds. Roller shades are not energy efficient like roman blinds. The fabric of these blinds is not as thick as Roman shades, so they let the light penetrate through them.

Easy Maintenance

You can adjust roller blinds to any position using chains. The maintenance of these blinds is easy compared to roman shades, but it can cause ripples over the fabric because of consistent fabric rolling. 

These blinds can be cleaned easily. You can shop for these blinds with a waterproof coating to install in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.


When compared to roman shades, these blinds are the least expensive window dressing option. You can get them within your budget to spice up the appearance of your windows. You must go for these blinds if your budget is low.

Wrap-Up Note!

As you know, both roman blinds and roller blinds have their own exclusive benefits and features. These are excellent window treatment solutions for your home decor. If you are searching for which is better between roman blinds and roller blinds, then the luxurious and versatile option is roman blinds, while the easy-to-clean and cheap solution is roller blinds.

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