What To Consider Before Booking A Room In A Boutique Hotel?

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Boutique hotels are a great way to spend your weekend getaway. They provide you with a friendly and warm stay with various services. A Costa Rica boutique hotel is a small but luxurious hotel. You should take a few things into account, including though consider before booking a room. 

So, here is a list of essential things to consider before booking it. 

Location Of The Hotel

The location of the hotel plays an essential role in getting you the best experience of your weekend getaway. You should make sure that your hotel has many tourist spots and fun activities in the surrounding areas. This can save you both money and time. In this manner, you do not have to go to areas that are too far just to enjoy your vacation

The location should also be easily accessible to the city because then you can get anything without waiting an hour for it. 

Reputation And Reviews

Do not believe everything that the hotel displays on its website. Make sure to read the reviews of real and verified users about the service and quality of the hotel. You can also get to know if any facility is not available at the moment through reviews beforehand. Moreover, some hotel chains tend to provide bad service and do not treat their customers right. 

Therefore, you should know about the reputation of the hotel from friends or family; you can even ask the locals about the staff. 

Extra Costing

Make sure that you discuss all the expenses on the facility beforehand with the reception service. Also, carefully check the bill and tally it with your expenses. This is important because sometimes, some hotels make you pay extra costs or hidden costs to make that extra buck. To avoid this problem, you can also check the hotel’s website for any list of services with prices. 

However, the best way to avoid this is to call the front and get an estimate of possible expenses. Then tell them to remove the fees for services that you will not be utilizing. 


If you intend to remain in the hotel room for more than one day, then it is best to know about parking facilities beforehand. The main thing that you are looking for here is on-site parking. You should not worry about parking your car somewhere far from the main property. Make sure that the hotel is not charging anything extra for the valet services or the parking. 

On-site parking is just more convenient and comfortable for the guests.  


Amenities are one of the essential things that you should be aware of in advance. Your hotel should include access to a gym, pool, gaming room, etc. These services should come at a little or no extra cost. However, these are always fun if you are visiting with your family. On the other hand, your room should also include some amenities like a coffee maker, mini fridge, and many more. 


In the end, you should understand better about the place that you are going to stay in for a couple of days. These things will make your stay more convenient and relaxing than ever if considered. 

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